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3 Surprising Film Reboots That Are in the Works

So many films are in the works at any given time that it’s hard to keep track of them all. Plus, plenty of films receive cancellations instead of release dates in the end.

However, as you’ll see below, some projects are about to premiere or in full-on production.

Read the list below to find three surprising film reboots that are in the works. Not only will this list show you potentially fun flicks on the horizon, but it’ll also reveal where the industry is at now in terms of trends and technology.

3 Surprising Film Reboots That Are in the Works

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Cube is one of the most common “borrow-my-copy” movies horror fans pass around. So the idea of a reboot isn’t shocking.

That said, what makes this project surprising is how America isn’t behind this remake for once.

Instead, the new entry to the Cube franchise is coming from Japan. Arriving October 22, 2021, the Cube remake comes from Vise director Yasuhiko Shimizu.

The Exorcist
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Ellen Burstyn, Max von Sydow, Linda Blair (Actors)

The Exorcist

To say 1973’s The Exorcist is a classic is an understatement. Plus, plenty of horror fans throw Exorcist III into the classic column, too. There are many additions to this franchise, including sequels, prequels, and TV shows.

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However, many consider The Exorcist to be on the list of films that should never receive a remake or reboot. Regardless, a new reboot is coming to the Peacock streaming service from Halloween Kills director and co-writer David Gordon Green.

Not only are we getting a new Exorcist film, but we’re also receiving a new trilogy. The first of Green’s Exorcist trilogy debuts in 2023, with Ellen Burstyn returning to what seems to be a sequel to the original film instead of a complete reboot. That said, we won’t know precisely how the new film fits into the franchise until the release date gets a bit closer.

The Slumber Party Massacre
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • MIchelle Michaels, Robin Stille, Debra De Liso (Actors)

Slumber Party Massacre

The Slumber Party Massacre films are a fun handful of cult slasher flicks that haven’t seen a new entry in several decades. Although plenty of horror fans love this franchise, it certainly isn’t as well-known as the Halloween or A Nightmare on Elm Street films.

For this reason, you likely don’t know a new Slumber Party Massacre film is just around the corner.

Debuting on the Syfy network on October 16, 2021, Slumber Party Massacre comes from director Danishka Esterhazy and Leprechaun Returns screenwriter Suzanne Keilly. The trailer focuses on fun, old-school slasher-style gore.

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So, hopefully, this new reboot builds on what fans love about the original series.

As you can see, there are some surprising film reboots that are in the works. Reboots are some of the biggest film trends in 2021, and, as you can see, that trend is not slowing down anytime soon.

Plus, the technology we use to watch movies is shifting, with many films (including multiple projects above) utilizing the small screen for big premieres.

Whether you’re trying to break into the industry or want to know what fun stuff is on the horizon, you now have a peek at where some longtime franchises will be going soon.

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