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3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Girl’s Night In

Sometimes you just need a night with your girls to rejuvenate. There’s nothing better than catching up with your friends and reconnecting when you need it the most. Below are some creative tips for planning the perfect girl’s night in. You’ll all have a blast, and everyone will anticipate what you plan for the next get-together.

3 Tips for the Perfect Girl’s Night In

Have a Movie Marathon

A movie marathon is the perfect girl’s night activity. Text your friends a few days before the festivities and ask for suggestions. Try to select a wide range of films.

For example, one film should be a popular movie out right now that none of you have seen yet. That way, you can all watch it for the first time together and experience the plot twist all at once.

You should also watch a film that has sentimental value to the group. Maybe it’s a romantic comedy you watched in grammar school or a scary film you snuck into while in high school. You’ll get a kick out of watching it as an adult.

Here are some great ideas:

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Snacks Galore

No girl’s night is complete without ample snacks. Make sure your girlfriends are well-fed while they’re over at your house. A genuinely perfect girl’s night is when no one counts calories.

So please, indulge a little. Have tons of junk food around like chips, chocolate, and pizza. Don’t forget about a creative adult beverage, either. Everyone will get warmed up immediately if you serve vanilla spiced boozy hot chocolate.

You and your girls deserve to let loose and have a little fun. As the host, make sure you’re prepared and have every delicious treat ready from the minute they walk in.

Wear Comfy Attire

A tip for planning the perfect girl’s night in is to only wear comfortable clothing. The best thing about a girl’s night in is that you don’t have to worry about getting all dolled up.

Tell your friends to wear their comfiest pajamas and slippers. There’s no need to put on a bunch of makeup when you’re just hanging with your friends. Also, no one wants to eat a ton of calories while they’re in fancy clothing.

So please, make sure everyone knows to come as they are. The more comfortable everyone is, the more fun you’ll all have.

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