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7 Ways to Celebrate Global Movie Day

 Global Movie Day requires some serious “me time.” So if you are looking for ways to make the second Saturday of February memorable and have a long list of movie night checklists here is a list of 7 Ways to Celebrate Global Movie Day.

7 Ways to Celebrate Global Movie Day

1. Have a Movie Marathon

Are you ready for some serious movie binge-watching? A movie marathon is our recommendation. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, Star Wars are all perfect examples. Whatever you decide, don't forget to read the sequel for a more in-depth look at the narrative. Pro tip: you can even create a themed dish based on your favorite movies!

2. Prep your Lovie List for 2021

Do you ever experience as if you're spending more time looking for a movie than you are enjoying it? Stop right there. Explore into worlds that interest you, whether it's animation, action, romance, or crime. Make a list of the movies that pique your interest and add them to your movie bucket list.

3. Travel without Leaving your Living-room

We are extremely lucky to live in a period where, despite restrictions on our “free travel,” we may practically travel wherever we want, whenever we want, with whoever we want (literally). What exactly do we mean? Discover or rediscover the globe through initially assumed movies, tv show, or documentaries – Paris at night, Times Square in the fall, or ancient China at its best – everything is possible.

4. Throw a Movie-themed Party

This may be cringe but a movie-themed party would cut you time to think of the best themes for you can throw your own party to celebrate Global Movie Day with your friends and family based on your favorite movie! You can throw a Movie-themed party according to your preference.

5. Hosting an Outdoor Movie Night

With the warmer evenings, you might want to gather your family and friends for a movie night in your garden on a Global Movie. It may be a great way to spice up your watching experience while also maintaining a safe social distance. Our Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Movie Night will help you pull it off.

6. Share movie lines and photos to inspire others.

Do you recall a movie sentence that stuck with you and changed your perspective on life or the world around you? Share it with your friends so they may have the same experience!

7. Enjoy Movie Activities with your Family

If you're searching for a fun way to How to Make a Fun Family Movie Night for the Global Movie Day or the holiday season, look no further. This Family Movie Night Idea: Movie Emoji Pictionary Game will help you complete your Movie Night Planner.

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