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Are Barbie Movies on Hulu?

If you have a Barbie fanatic in your house, you may be wondering are Barbie movies on Hulu and you’re going to love this list. Stream one of these Barbie movies today!

I remember playing with Barbie dolls as a young girl. I don't recall if I watched any movies. If I did, I'm sure they were on VHS or DVD (at best). Kids these days have the benefit of watching movies on demand aka streaming movies.

Where to watch Barbie movies?

There is no shortage of Barbie movies to stream. You can find:

So, it’s no surprise that Hulu would have a great selection available, too.

Does Hulu have Barbie movies?

Yes, there is currently 1 Hulu Barbie movie available.

These movies are included free of charge with your Hulu subscription. 

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What Barbie Movies are on Hulu?

Here are all of the free Barbie Movies on Hulu.

Tiny Shoulders Rethinking Barbie

Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie is an American documentary film that premiered on April 27, 2018, on Hulu. Directed, written, and produced by Andrea Blaugrund Nevins, it explores the creation of the Barbie doll, the effect it has had on culture, and its evolution over the decades.

Barbie, the most popular doll ever created is a fashion icon and a target for feminists. This telling documentary features new footage, access to Barbie’s biggest reinvention, and examines 60 years of women through the lens of an 11.5-inch plastic doll. | Stream on Hulu

Is Barbie on Hulu?

There isn't a title specifically called “Barbie” on Hulu. Fun fact: Barbie in the Nutcracker, first premiered on October 23, 2001. It was the first Barbie movie released.

Are the Barbie movies on Hulu?

There is currently one Hulu Barbie movie. There are a total of 37 Barbie movies.

You can watch Barbie Princess Movies on Netflix

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