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The 5 Best Suits in the James Bond Movies

When we think of a cool, suave character in a pristine suit, we often think about the iconic agent, 007, from the James Bond films. Throughout several decades and many iconic actors, James Bond has sported some iconic and memorable looks. 

Today we’re looking at five of the best suits in the James Bond movies and why they stand out so much.

5. Blue Birdseye Suit—Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies may not be the most iconic film of the Brosnan era, but he did sport a gorgeous blue birdseye suit that caught our attention. What stood out the most with this suit was the way the dark blue matched his tie, but also how it worked with his long brown overcoat. The look felt less like a secret agent and more like a swanky private investigator, but it worked.

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4. Flannel Chalk Stripe Suit—From Russia With Love

We don’t typically associate James Bond with pinstripes, but this dark navy blue number from Anthony Sinclair was absolutely fantastic. The subtle white lines highlight and complement the suit without being overly distracting. Compared to many other Bond suits, this one felt slightly more casual, like what the spy would wear during his free time.

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3. Navy Blue Worsted Wool Suit—Quantum of Solace

Fans tend to have negative feelings toward Daniel Craig’s suits, but this dark navy blue number from Quantum of Solace is nearly perfect. Many of the original James Bond novels describe the iconic spy in a darker, navy blue suit, and this one felt really close to what Ian Fleming had in mind.

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2. Midnight Blue Tuxedo—Dr. No

Many people often imagine James Bond in a sleek, classy tuxedo. The truth is that Bond usually wears a suit, not a tuxedo—there’s a difference.

A large part of the mental image comes from Connery’s first on-screen appearance in the original film. This dark blue dinner jacket oozes with that classic Bond charm and practically calls out “shaken, not stirred.”

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1. Ivory Dinner Jacket—Diamonds Are Forever

Of all the outfits in these classic films, the best suit in the James Bond movies is Connery’s classic white dinner jacket in Diamonds Are Forever. The elegant white and black tuxedo creates a steady contrast and a nice look that pops whenever he’s on screen. The white jacket reminds us of Bond himself: smooth, clean, and elegant.

Diamonds are Forever
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