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Best Movies Set in Idaho

Every state is known for something. As you work your way through the list, don't miss the best movies set in Idaho. While you’re at it, check out the best books set in Idaho, too.

Idaho is a northwestern U.S. state known for mountainous landscapes and vast swaths of protected wilderness and outdoor recreation areas. The capital, Boise, is set in the Rocky Mountain foothills and is bisected by the Boise River, which is popular for rafting and fishing.

The city’s riverfront Julia Davis Park is a downtown green space containing a rose garden, museums, and a zoo.

Best Movies Set in Idaho

3000 Miles to Graceland
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Kevin Costner, Kurt Russell, Christian Slater (Actors)

3000 Miles to Graceland

Year: 2001

It's International Elvis Week in Las Vegas, where the strip is flooded by a sea of King wannabes decked out in jumpsuits and sideburns. But five of the impersonators swaggering into the Riviera Hotel are toting heavy weaponry in their guitar cases.

It's the heist of a lifetime, orchestrated by ex-con Michael (Kurt Russell) and his cunning former cellmate, Murphy (Kevin Costner). The crooked Elvises steal away with $3.2 million, leaving the hotel in ruins and a high body count in their wake.

Napoleon Dynamite
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Jon Heder, Jon Gries, Aaron Ruell (Actors)

Napoleon Dynamite

Year: 2004

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In small-town Preston, Idaho, awkward teen Napoleon Dynamite has trouble fitting in. After his grandmother is injured in an accident, his life is made even worse when his strangely nostalgic uncle, Rico, shows up to keep an eye on him.

With no safe haven at home or at school, Napoleon befriends the new kid, Pedro, a morose Hispanic boy who speaks little English. Together the two launch a campaign to run for class president.

Georgia Rule
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Jane Fonda, Lindsay Lohan, Felicity Huffman (Actors)

Georgia Rule

Year: 2007

Teenage Rachel is a real thorn in the side of her mother, Lilly. More than just rebellious, she is incorrigible.

After Rachel crashes a car, Lilly decides to haul the girl off to a place to which she vowed never to return: Her own mother's Idaho home. Georgia, the family matriarch, lives by a strict code and expects all under her roof to do the same.

Given structure and purpose, Rachel's anger at the world begins to subside.

Smoke Signals
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Adam Beach, Evan Adams, Irene Bedard (Actors)

Smoke Signals

Year: 1998

This critical and audience film festival favorite follows two unlikely friends on a road trip they never expected to take. Combining humor and heart, it explores the adventure of friendship and discovery of new worlds.

Home of Our Own, A
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Bill,Tony (Director) - Patrick Sheane Duncan (Writer) - Helen Buck Bartlett (Producer)

A Home of Our Own

Year: 1993

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Widow Frances Lacey is being sexually harassed by her boss while she tries to provide for her brood of six children. Also, her oldest son, Shayne, is constantly in trouble. When she's fired from her job, Frances decides to abandon Los Angeles.

She and her family end up in Idaho, where she buys a dilapidated piece of land and tries to build a home. As she struggles to make a fresh start, Frances encounters both encouragement and new problems.

Now that you've completed the list of best books set in this state, why not check out some others? Here are the Best Movies Set in All 50 States.


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