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Black Christmas Movies on the Great American Family Channel

These Black Christmas movies on the Great American Family Channel are on my list of Black Christmas movies because they are great to watch during the holidays or Christmas Break. These titles feature family-friendly, romantic, and comedic African-American storylines.

What is the Great American Family Channel?

Great American Family is an American cable television network. Owned by Great American Media, it broadcasts family-oriented general entertainment programming, including television series and made-for-TV movies. Frndly TV is the most affordable way to watch Great American Family Channel live. 

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Black Christmas Movies on the Great American Family Channel

If you subscribe to the Great American Family Channel and are looking for some great African-American Christmas movies, check out this list. Stream your favorite movies anytime, anywhere commercial-free!

I'm Glad It's Christmas

Saturday, Nov. 26: I'm Glad It's Christmas, starring Jessica Lowndes, Paul Greene, and Gladys Knight — An aspiring Broadway singer is convinced to participate in a small-scale production for her local Christmas celebration.

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Along the way, she finds hope and unexpected mentorship toward her dream career. But will her professional success come at the cost of her chance at love?

Aisle Be Home for Christmas

Premiering Friday, December 9 at 8p ET / 5p PT

Two exes finally reconnect when a snowstorm leaves them stranded in a superstore (without cell service or Wi-Fi) just before Christmas. Starring Jennifer Freeman & Garrett Watson

Christmas Time is Here

In “Christmas Time Is Here,” Nia Moore (Bernard), a successful small-town realtor, has her heart set on closing a big sale on a new resort for her client, Julian Parsons (Williams), just in time for Christmas. There is only one hitch.

No matter how many properties in Pine Valley Nia shows Julian, he keeps coming back to the one resort that isn’t for sale…the one belonging to Nia’s widower dad, Patrick (Pickett).

Patrick would like to sell the property and retire. It’s Nia who cannot let go of memories of an idyllic time in life when her mom was still alive and very much a part of the resort. Julian realizes Nia’s reluctance to sell the property, but it may not matter.

Julian’s impatient boss has come to Pine Valleyintent on getting the deal done before Christmas. At the risk of losing his job, Julian comes up with a magical plan for saving Nia’s family’s resort.

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Starring: Dewshane Williams, Rukiya Bernard & Tom Pickett

Will GAC have Christmas movies in 2022?

Yes! Check out the Great American Channel Christmas movie schedule.

Does the GAC channel have Christmas movies?

Yes! Check out the Great American Channel Christmas movie schedule.

How many Christmas movies will GAC have in 2022?

Check out the 25+movies available in the Great American Channel Christmas movie schedule.

What are the new Hallmark Christmas movies for 2022?

Check out the Hallmark Christmas Movies List (Updated for 2022).

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