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9 Black Documentaries On Netflix

These Black documentaries on Netflix are a few of the black movies on Netflix that feature historical documentaries of the lives of Black and African-American people in recent history. Unfortunately, these Police Brutality Movies are still relevant in 2020.

What are Black documentaries? They can open windows to our past. Through the lens of talented filmmakers, we can re-live iconic moments in history.

Documentaries offer rich insight into our society and culture, connect us to some of our proudest and most shameful moments in American history, and remind us of how far we’ve come. What follows is a list of powerful documentaries exploring Black history and culture in America.

These are great selections to add to your black movies on Netflix list.

What better way to celebrate the weekend than by binge-watching Netflix?

All the black documentaries on Netflix listed are current, but that is subject to change without notice.


Here are new titles for 2020:

Who Killed Malcolm X?

His quest for justice began with Malcolm X. But investigating the civil rights leader's death only exposed more corruption. | Stream on Netflix 

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Kevin Hart: Don't F*** This Up

While embarking on a global tour, Kevin reflects on his comedic journey and the road to acceptance before receiving the biggest news of his career.| Stream on Netflix


These Black documentaries on Netflix were added for 2018:


This documentary profiles music and culture icon Quincy Jones, offering unprecedented access to his private life and stories from his unparalleled career. | Watch on Netflix

ReMastered: Who Shot the Sheriff

In 1976, reggae icon Bob Marley survived an assassination attempt as rival political groups battled in Jamaica. But who exactly was responsible? | Watch on Netflix

ReMastered: Who Killed Jam Master Jay?

Run-DMC DJ Jam Master Jay made a huge impact on music and his community. But friends and family still seek closure years after his unsolved murder. | Watch on Netflix

Last Chance U

This Netflix original series follows college football teams that aren't major programs and don't get much national attention.

After a couple of seasons of profiling recruits at East Mississippi Community College, which has won several NJCAA national titles, the reality series shifts its focus to Independence Community College.

The Kansas school doesn't have the same type of gridiron pedigree as EMCC — it's trying to rebound from more than a decade of losses — but the players are dealing with many of the same challenges that the EMCC squad faced — both on and off the field. | Watch on Netflix

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Hip-Hop Evolution

Hip-hop music first developed in the United States in the 1970s and has steadily grown in popularity in the decades since then.

This docuseries traces the genre's dynamic evolution from the beginning through the 1990s.

It starts with a look at artists — including Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash — who laid the foundation early on and then moves on to other influential groups like Run-DMC and Public Enemy.

The show also explores differences in hip-hop on the East Coast compared to the West Coast. | Watch on Netflix

Which of these is your favorite of the black documentaries on Netflix in 2018?


Time: The Kalief Browder Story

The criminal justice system tragically failed 16-year-old Kalief Browder, who spent three years in Rikers Island jail awaiting trial — two of those years in solitary confinement — after being arrested for allegedly stealing a backpack.

The case was never prosecuted, the charges were ultimately dropped, and Browder committed suicide after his release. His story and the challenges it poses to a basic understanding of American liberties are central to this six-part documentary.

It's a comprehensive review of the case, using first-person accounts, archival footage, and cinematic re-creations of key scenes from Browder's life. Exclusive interviews with a wide range of people connected to the story, from politicians to close friends and family members to social reformers, are also featured. | Watch on Netflix (In my opinion, this is the most troubling of the listed black documentaries on Netflix.)


Filmmaker Ava DuVernay explores the history of racial inequality in the United States, focusing on the fact that the nation's prisons are disproportionately filled with African-Americans. | Watch on Netflix

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You'll want to see these Black documentaries from 2018, too.

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Do you have any favorite Black documentaries on Netflix?


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