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Christmas Movie Challenge

This Christmas Movie Challenge activity includes Christmas movies to watch, Christmas movie challenge, and a Christmas movie scavenger hunt.

“Oh, playing the Christmas movie challenge with my kiddos is my absolute favorite holiday tradition! We gather around, snuggled up in blankets with hot cocoa, and take turns picking classic Christmas movies. It's not just about the festive fun but also a sneaky way to teach them about the joy of giving, kindness, and the spirit of Christmas. Plus, the laughter and bonding over favorite scenes make it a heartwarming experience for all of us!” -a parent

The Christmas movie challenge is my fun way of embracing the holiday spirit! It's all about watching a bunch of festive flicks, ticking off classics, and discovering new favorites. Let's see how many feel-good films I can squeeze into this festive season!

Here's a fun Christmas movie challenge to share with your family. Make a list of your favorite Christmas movies, use the numbers to choose a movie to watch, and then, the fun part – a Christmas movie scavenger hunt. Have fun!

Set includes:
a 4 page PDF file:
– a Cover Page
– Christmas Movies to Watch
– Christmas Movie Challenge
– Christmas Movie Scavenger Hunt

Christmas Movies to Watch

Use this blank printable Christmas Movies to Watch to track your family's favorite Christmas movies, a Christmas movie schedule, or the movies your family wants to see this holiday season. Check them off as you work through the list. There's space to note the movie title, date watched, movie run time OR time the movie will be screened, and up to a five-star rating.

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Not sure what to watch? Check out these lists:

Christmas Movie Challenge

Can't decide which Christmas movie to watch? This sheet of 25 numbers will help you pick randomly!

Cut out each number, fold it, and place it in a jar. Once you've completed your “Christmas Movies to Watch” list, pull out a random number from the jar, and watch a movie from the list. Have fun!

Christmas Movie Scavenger Hunt

You can keep your kids engaged during family movie night or enjoy a fun way to track what's going on in the movie. You can start looking for these during your first movie. Mark off the items as you see them happening in the movie. (We all know what to expect in Christmas movies, right?!)

  • holiday memory
  • wrapped gifts
  • snowball fight
  • Christmas wish
  • Christmas carolers
  • drinking hot coca
  • old photos
  • someone cries
  • decorating the Christmas tree
  • opening a gift
  • ice skating
  • fireplace
  • Christmas shopping
  • secret Santa
  • mistletoe
  • Christmas miracle
  • cozy sweaters
  • snow falling
  • jingle bells
  • Christmas music playing
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Click here to download this printable.

I know I look forward to watching Hallmark Christmas movies every year. Have you seen the ones on these lists?

You can also use these as discussion or journal prompts. Ask your friends and family these questions or journal about your own experiences during the holidays.

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