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Comic Book Day Activities

Start your comic book season with some Comic Book Day Activities. You can play this with your friends while binge-watching something like these DC Comics Movies.


This printable Comic Book Day Activity comes with different varieties of activities in a Comic Book theme (for a total of eight pages) that you can enjoy with your comic lover friends and family.

Comic Book Day Activities Contents:

The Comic Book Day Activities that you can enjoy are:

  • Story Planner
  • Cover Page Templates
  • Comic Strip Templates
  • Cut-Outs

Click here to download this printable list.


Story Planner

In Story Planner, you'd be able to fill out the information of the comic book you're reading like the story name, Who are the characters of your story, Where does the story take place, What is happening in your story (Beginning, Middle, End)

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Cover Page Templates

This part will give you the freedom to design your own cover page for your dream comic book. You will just need to fill the spaces on the page.

Comic Strip Templates

Comic Strip Template will allow you to bring your stories to life. You'd be able to plot your own twists and stories. Just fill out the spaces with those magical cutouts and the dialogue as well.


The Cut-outs will give you the best experience in creating your own comic book. You can cut the items and paste it wherever you like it in your comic strip.

People Also Ask:

How do people celebrate Comic Book Day?

  • Support a local Comic Bookstore.
  • Channel your favorite superhero.
  • Make a comic strip as a family.
  • Cuddle up for movie night.

Comixology Unlimited

Comixology Unlimited gives you access to borrow from a large selection of comics, graphic novels, and manga without due dates. According to, “if you’re into comic books but you don’t want to deal with stacks of back issues or the hassle of going to your local comic shop, Amazon’s Comixology is the way to go.”

What are some good comic ideas?

  • Someone moves into a new metropolis/town/hamlet they know nothing about.
  • Thieves steal a valuable antique.
  • The statue in the town square has a mysterious riddle carved into it.
  • Miners uncover something while digging.
  • Someone in town is a thief.
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What happens on Free Comic Book Day?

Participating comic book store merchants give away specially printed copies of free comic books on Free Comic Book Day. … Some businesses also give out additional items such as tiny posters and other movie tie-in souvenirs in addition to comic books. Each participating shop is responsible for the promotion's success.

What should I do for a comic book?

  • 9 Steps to Start & Create a Comic Book
  • Choose an idea you believe in.
  • Write the story first.
  • Research the craft of making comics.
  • Plan the layout.
  • Create a set of rules for drawing.
  • Draw the illustrations. 
  • Choose a format.
  • Select a book-making tool.

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