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Creative Ways To Celebrate Halloween During COVID-19

The global pandemic makes everything more difficult right now, especially celebrating holidays. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make it the best Halloween yet. If you’re looking for creative ways to celebrate Halloween during COVID-19, you have come to the right place. Continue reading below for some fun ideas to celebrate this spooky season.

Snuggle up and Watch a Movie

With the fall weather and all the wonderful Halloween movie choices, snuggling up and turning on your favorite Halloween flick is a great way to celebrate the holiday. Watching the movie will not only get you in the Halloween spirit, but you can also relax and munch on some popcorn while watching it. Who’s up for watching Hocus Pocus?

Here are dozens of Halloween movie options:

15 Halloween Movies on Amazon Prime

Halloween Movies for Parties

Halloween Movies on Disney Plus

20 Spooky Halloween Movies on Netflix for Kids

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Make a Halloween House

Get creative! Whether you want to make a haunted house in your garage or in your child’s playpen, bust out your favorite Halloween decorations. You can transform any space into a haunted house as long as you use your imagination. You can make it as scary as you want. This gives you the perfect excuse to purchase new Halloween decorations if you don’t have the correct amount of items to finish the project.

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Follow Trick-or-Treat Protocols

Be safe and double-check the trick-or-treat protocols within your town and neighborhood. These protocols help you and your little ones stay safe during the pandemic, while allowing you all to celebrate Halloween like years past. And if you do get to go trick-or-treating this year, try customizing your child’s face mask as well!

Play Bingo

Halloween Bingo is the perfect game to play during a Halloween party or as part of your family’s Halloween activities. This printable bingo game is great when you need activities to keep kids busy during the Halloween season.

Play Dress Up

Though these are unprecedented times, the spirit of Halloween can still be enjoyed safely from home and virtually among friends and family. Disney costumes allow everyone to easily transform into their favorite Disney characters. Here are 10 Best Disney Halloween Costumes.

Are you looking for Halloween costumes based on movies? I’ve created a list of 10 costume ideas for some of the top movies of the year. Hand-curated by me.

Have a Party

If you are going to be getting your spook on at your Halloween party, you’ll want some truly terrifying films playing in the background.  Here are our favorite Halloween Movies for Parties.

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Don’t let the stipulations and regulations of COVID-19 take away your Halloween spirit. Get into the spooky season just like every other year and make it one to remember. These creative ways to celebrate Halloween during COVID-19 will make your 2020 Halloween fun and exciting. As always, don’t forget to wash your hands and wear your face masks. Safety is key!

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