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Disney Say What Game

Looking for a family-friendly Disney-inspired board game to play? Take a look at this fun Disney Say What printable board game.

We’ve been spending a lot of time together at home and we’re constantly on the hunt for new kid-friendly games that our whole family can enjoy. Currently, we’re loving this Disney Say What game.

It’s extremely easy to play, even with your 3-year-old kid! Whether you are searching for a fun, travel game for kids for your next family gathering, this Disney Say What Game is guaranteed to be a favorite part of your Disney Plus family night!

Disney Say What

This Disney printable game is quite entertaining to play and it doesn’t require much stuff. You may use anything for tokens. You can use Monopoly tokens, or small candies (M&Ms work fantastic!), or take a pen and write your initials on the squares.

About the Disney Say What Game

There is only 1 page.

There are 39 tiles including the start and the finish on the page. Every tile has questions and phrases that cover random ideas from Disney movies and Disney as a whole. The tile may cover characters, songs, facts about the location, things the characters learn, and more.

Setting Up The Say What Board:

To begin, give each person a  token and place all tokens on the start square. Then each person will roll the dice and will move the token according to the number reflected upon rolling of the dice, then whatever appears on the tile you land your token to will be the question or phrase that you're going to answer/complete.

Teaming Up:

Ideally, Say What is played individually. This can be played for 2 people or more. If there are more than four players you may group the people to represent one token.

When to Play Disney Say What Game

  • family game night
  • independent play
  • road trip game
  • sibling or friend games
  • activity during family movie night

What You Need:

  • Die
  • Tokens
  • Printable Disney Say What board 

How to play the Disney Say What Game:

Every player puts a token that symbolizes them on the Start tile. Then roll your dice, and move that many spaces. Next is to finish the sentence on the tile you land on or answer the question if there are any.

You won't know who will cross the finish line first as the game progresses since the dice will be used to determine the number of each move. The player who gets to the finish line first wins!

Click here to download this printable.

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