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Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler Movies

If you are looking for great movies to watch during Black History Month, Women’s History month, or supplement at-home learning, you’ll want to check out these Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler movies.

Rebecca Lee Crumpler was a remarkable trailblazer who overcame various obstacles to break down barriers for women of color in medicine. After studying at the New England Female Medical College, in 1864 she became the first African-American woman to become a doctor of medicine in the United States.

Movies About Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler

Unfortunately, there have not been many movies filmed about Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler.

Learn about her with this two-page study:

About Rebecca Lee Crumpler Printable:

How well do you really know Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler? Now, let's get up close and personal with the woman behind the words!

After all, she does say that the “little woman must know how to talk, too.” This quiz is simple by printing this Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler printable; choose the answer that you think describes Dr. Crumpler best!

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Are there any pictures of Rebecca Lee Crumpler?

Rebecca Lee Crumpler was a remarkable trailblazer who overcame various obstacles to break down barriers for women of color in medicine. Until recently, her existence had stayed in the shadows of history.

There are no surviving photographs of her, and much of her biography is based on the preface of her book.

What is Rebecca Lee Crumpler famous for?

Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler was the first Black woman in the United States to receive a medical degree. She was a genuine trailblazer in the medical field, combating deep-seated prejudices against women and African Americans.

Did Rebecca Lee Crumpler get a degree?

Rebecca Lee Crumpler overcame the prejudice that hindered African Americans from pursuing medical degrees to become the first African American woman in the United States to receive an M.D. Rebecca Cole was formerly credited with a degree.

Although little of Crumpler's life has remained to tell the narrative, her book of medical advice for women and children, published in 1883, cemented her position in history.

How did Rebecca Lee Crumpler change the face of medicine?

From the beginning, Rebecca Lee Crumpler was a woman who defied convention.

In 1856 she became the first Black woman to graduate from a medical school, and in 1907 she was appointed surgeon at Freedman's Hospital, the first Black hospital in the country.

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Books about Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler:

To continue this unit study, check out these Black History month writing prompts.

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