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7 Netflix Originals for Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22nd, so it's only a few weeks away! We always seemed to celebrate it in elementary school, but as we grow older we forget to remember our roots on this planet. The natural world is powerful and breathtaking, so we should take the time to educate ourselves on how it's doing. 

Netflix has some of the best nature documentaries out there with amazing footage and reliable sources to remind us that Earth is our home and we have to take care of it. 

7 Netflix Originals for Earth Day

Our Planet

Experience our planet's beauty first-hand as well as the effect climate change has on our natural world. View all the ecosystems that support our planet and the animals we all love. (Stream on Netflix)

Night on Earth

A whole new world comes to life when the sun comes down. Learn about the animals and fauna that thrive in the dark with beautiful night-vision footage. (Stream on Netflix)

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Tiny Creatures

Little critters mean big adventures! This series covers the tiny animals native to the US as they survive against big predators and intense environments. Thrilling and cute at the same time! (Stream on Netflix)

David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet

A broadcaster recounts his life on Earth years after its demise. We grieve the death of the animals we cherished and the loss of the colorful Earth we took for granted. This film peers into the future we must avoid. (Stream on Netflix)

Dancing with the Birds

One of the most mesmerizing acts of nature is bird's mating dances. They're intricate and each movement with purpose, but humans might just view them as adorable. Get an up-close view of how birds battle for a partner. (Stream on Netflix)

Mission Blue

Follow oceanographer Sylvia Earle as she campaigns to save the Earth's oceans from overfishing and toxic waste. Our ocean's as largely unexplored and we're already at risk of losing them forever. (Stream on Netflix)

Chasing Coral

Our coral reefs are disappearing and dying at an alarming rate. Scientists, divers, and photographers document the damage climate change has caused to our coral reefs, the most diverse areas of our oceans. (Stream on Netflix)

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Our planet is struggling and it may feel as though the problems are too big to tackle, but it doesn't mean we should try. If you love this list then share it with your loved ones to remind everyone that a small change can make the biggest of impacts. 

Here are more Earth Day Movies on Netflix that you can also use in your Homeschooling With Netflix.

People Also Ask:

Are there any nature shows on Netflix?

Netflix has a slew of big releases coming out in 2022, starting with Planet Earth. The series, hosted by Sir David Attenborough, has been available as an exclusive title on the platform since April.
You will undoubtedly enjoy the best planet-centric and nature documentaries available on Netflix at any time.

Is The Day Earth changed on Netflix?

Nope. Unfortunately, The Year Earth Changed is not available on Netflix.

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