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Everything You Need to Know About CuriosityStream

Learn everything we know about CuriosityStream, including content, price, release date and more.

What is CuriosityStream?

CuriosityStream streams thousands of films, series, and shows. On-demand, on any device, all around the world.

CuriosityStream was founded by John Hendricks, the same man who created the original Discovery Channel before it was overrun by reality television and pseudoscience.

As a result, a good way to think about CuriosityStream is to compare it to the old Discovery Channel/ History, except that you can stream documentaries like you would on Netflix.

What will CuriosityStream include?

CuriosityStream is the Netflix of documentaries, with a library of over 3,000 documentaries to choose from. These documentaries are factual and scientific in nature, and they cover more than 30 topics such as history, space, aviation, and others.  

How much will CuriosityStream cost?

The standard CuriosityStream price is $2.99/mo. or $19.99/yr. and allows titles to be streamed in high definition (HD). The premium plan, which is compatible with 4K Ultra HD streaming, will set you back a little more each month or year.

When can I sign up for CuriosityStream?

You can sign up now. Sign up for CuriosityStream through a qualifying YouTube promotion and get free access to Nebula! Nebula is a streaming video platform built by and for independent creators. 

How much will CuriosityStream service cost?

Confirm the subscription that is right for you; Standard (HD) Monthly. Most flexible. $2.99 /month; Standard (HD) Annual. Most popular & best value · $19.99/year.

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What CuriosityStream content can we expect?

New documentaries are added weekly, so there’s always more to watch. These documentaries are factual and scientific in nature, and they cover more than 30 topics including history, space, aviation, and others.

Is there a CuriosityStream app?

The CuriosityStream app is available on both Android and Apple smart TVs. You can also access CuriosityStream via your Xbox One, and stream via Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire.

Is there a CuriosityStream free trial?

Get a 7-day free trial of CuriosityStream with Amazon Prime.

Should I subscribe to CuriosityStream? Is CuriosityStream worth it?

If you're looking for documentaries like on the old Discovery Channel, then CuriosityStream is absolutely worth your money since $2.99 per month gives you access to thousands of high-quality and well-researched documentaries about nature, science, and history that you won't find on Netflix or Hulu.

Is CuriosityStream free with Amazon Prime?

While it is available as an Amazon Prime Video channel, you will have to pay for the service after its seven-day free trial.

Is CuriosityStream better than Netflix?

Content from CuriosityStream, without a doubt, has a more powerful collection of documentaries than Netflix. Although the company does not specify the exact number of titles available, it is believed to be in the thousand.

Is CuriosityStream worth the money?

CuriosityStream is well worth your money if you're looking for documentaries like the old Discovery Channel because $2.99 per month gets you access to a wide range of high-quality and well-researched documentaries about nature, science, and history that you won't always find on Netflix or Hulu.

How can I watch CuriosityStream for free?

If you are subscribed to an approved internet service provider like Optimum or Suddenlink by Altice, there may be a special offer.

Just click “Sign in with your TV/internet provider,” and you may be able to select the “Partner” link which lists the approved internet providers that offer a complimentary subscription.

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You will need to make sure you are on the network associated with your approved internet service provider account, your Curiosity Stream subscription is complimentary! You can also access CuriosityStream through Flow, BTC, and Rev, you will log into Curiosity Stream using your login credentials from your service provider.

You will not be prompted to enter any payment information during the sign-up process.

What is Amazon Prime CuriosityStream?

CuriosityStream is the world's first ad-free, on-demand streaming service for premium factual shows that enlighten, entertain, and inspire. Get the free app as part of your CuriosityStream membership and watch choice programming crafted by the world's top filmmakers.

How much is a subscription to CuriosityStream?

Our monthly prices are $2.99 USD for Standard (HD Streaming) and $9.99 USD for Premium (4K Streaming), plus taxes. Annual prices are also available: $19.99 USD for Standard (HD Streaming) and $69.99 USD for Premium (4K Streaming), plus applicable taxes.

How does CuriosityStream make money?

CURI's documentaries can be viewed by subscribers via the website or the app. CURI's subscription revenue currently accounts for 49 percent of the company's total revenue.

The company can also make money by being a part of a larger group of video-on-demand or live television providers.

Can I share my CuriosityStream account?

CuriosityStream does not have a separate profile, but you can share your account with an unlimited number of users. However, CuriosityStream only allows 5 devices to watch at the same time.

How many documents are on CuriosityStream?

CuriosityStream is a good streaming service that only carries factual documentaries with credible and accurate information, with 3000 documentaries on topics like science, nature, history, technology, society, and more.

Who is behind CuriosityStream?

CuriosityStream's Founder and Chairman, John Hendricks, is uniquely qualified to launch the new SVOD service focused on premium factual content.

How Popular is CuriosityStream?

CuriosityStream, an ad-free subscription video streaming service, had 20 million subscribers worldwide as of the second quarter of 2021.

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This represents a significant increase from the 10.5 million reported at the end of 2019, as well as a significant increase from the one million figure reported in December 2018.

How do I subscribe to the Curiosity Channel?

Join a CuriosityStream Subscription. Sign up for Together Price. Choose the Curiosity Stream group you'd like to be part of. 

Can I get CuriosityStream on my Smart TV?

The CuriosityStream app is compatible with both Android and Apple smart televisions. CuriosityStream can also be accessed via Xbox One and streamed via Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire.

CuriosityStream is also available as an Amazon Prime, Comcast/Xfinity, Sling TV, layer3tv, and VRV add-on.

Can I watch CuriosityStream on my TV?

Indeed! On both Android and Apple smart TVs, the CuriosityStream app is accessible. 

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