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Famous Films Shot Entirely on Green Screen

In this modern technology-oriented generation, green screen technology has become a key component of movie-making.

Some of us might still wonder how green screens even work, but they continue to help countless filmmakers be more creative than ever by enhancing their movies and bringing anything they can imagine to life.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of some famous films shot entirely on green screen for all modern special effects–enthusiasts out there.

Famous Films Shot Entirely on Green Screen

Aquaman (2018)
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  • Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe (Actors)


Released in 2018, Aquaman went on to become one of DC’s highest-grossing movies of all time.

The filmmakers brought to life stunning details of the ocean’s hidden depths and showed awe-inspiring views of the underwater kingdom of Atlantis.

The actors managed to get that effortless swooping motion during their underwater scenes with the help of crew members who guided the harnesses in the green screen background.

  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Andrew Tiernan, Rodrigo Santoro, Vincent Regan (Actors)


The film 300 is one of the most famous films shot entirely on green screen, seamlessly blending physical and digital technologies on the silver screen with set dressing and props.

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Through the visual effects, screenplay, cinematography, and acting, the audience is transported back to 480 BC, when the Spartans inspired all of Greece to unite against their common enemy, the Persians.

The filmmakers wanted to replicate the comic of the same name by creating 100,000-man armies with splattering blood effects to reflect Grant Freckleton’s artistic direction.

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Similar to Aquaman and 300, the 2009 global phenomenon Avatar was filmed entirely on green screens.

From alien creatures to floating rocks, this film features a lot of visual effects to bring action scenes and fantastical elements to life.

The filmmakers flawlessly and meticulously pulled off their desired aesthetics, which has proved to be challenging to replicate with the use of conventional techniques.

With a worldwide box-office gross of $2.814 billion, Avatar paved the way for a sequel, which will probably come out in December 2022.

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Alice in Wonderland

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies is often the best way to bring other dimensions to life, and this was the case with the 2010 live-action film Alice in Wonderland.

Directed by Tim Burton, this film went on to gross over a billion dollars worldwide as it managed to bring the fantastical world of Wonderland to life.

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It also featured lush, vibrant environments filled with strange creatures, impossible buildings, and crazy plants, all of which would all have been impossible without computer-generated green screens.

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People Also Ask:

What movies have used a green screen?

Here are just a few famous films using green screen special effects – before and after:
  • The Great Gatsby.
  • The Avengers.
  • The Hobbit.
  • Alice in Wonderland.

Was Titanic filmed with a green screen?

For the exit scene, the extras were taped on a green screen in a parking lot.
The set was constructed specifically for the film, as no studio was large enough at the time to encompass the almost full-scale replication of the ship.

Which movie used the green screen first?

The Thief of Baghdad
When Larry Butler used chroma keying for the first time on The Thief of Bagdad in 1940, it was blue, earning him an Academy Award for special effects.

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