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Fantasy Movie Bucket List and Bingo

Movie night just got more fun with this Fantasy Movie Bucket List & Bingo. Mark your cards to see who gets bingo first while enjoying Movies that You Can Watch to escape reality.

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Printable Contents:

  • Fantasy Movie Bucket List
  • Fantasy Movie Bingo

Fantasy Movie Bucket List & Bingo

What is a Fantasy Movie Bucket List?

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Fantasy movies are films that belong to the fantasy genre with fantastic themes, usually magic, supernatural events, mythology, folklore, or exotic fantasy worlds. The genre is considered a form of speculative fiction alongside science fiction films and horror films, although the genres do overlap.

They often have an element of magic, myth, wonder, escapism, and the extraordinary. Prevalent elements include fairies, angels, mermaids, witches, monsters, wizards, unicorns, dragons, talking animals, ogres, elves, trolls, white magic, gnomes, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons, dwarves, giants, goblins, anthropomorphic or magical objects, familiars, curses and other enchantments, worlds involving magic, and the Middle Ages.

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Check off each one that you've seen!

What is Fantasy Movie Night Bingo?

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Fantasy Movie Night bingo is just a version of regular bingo.

Instead of using numbers on the cards, there are movie activities. You mark the space when you see that activity in the movie.

This bingo card features 26 different things you might see in this type of movie, including the following:

  • The Chosen One
  • Wise Old Wizard
  • Magic Training
  • A Dragon
  • Evil for No Reason
  • Mythical Creature
  • Homogenous Species
  • A Magic Spell
  • Good VS Evil
  • Powerful Artifacts
  • Haunted Forest
  • The Dark Lord
  • A Trilogy
  • Ancient Setting
  • Secret Heir
  • The Mentor
  • Old English Accent
  • A Quest
  • An Elf or Dwarf
  • A Witch
  • A Prophecy
  • Training Sequence
  • Damsel in Distress
  • Evil Overload
  • A Map
  • Talking Animals
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You mark the space when you see that activity in the movie. 

Which items are listed on the Bingo board?

What is Fantasy Movie Night Bingo?

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The Fantasy Movie Bingo game has 26 different items listed. This is a perfect activity for a Friends Movie Night!

Bingo Instructions

Print a bingo card for each player or team.

Provide your guests with clipboards, pens, and the bingo card to complete, and instruct them to cross off the boxes.

Print one board, cut each square, and place them in a cup or bag for drawing. Place the tile to the side each time an item is called, so you may compare it to the winner's card.

The game's host (caller) makes a random drawing.

Each player crosses off an item as it is announced.

When a player notices that the selected things are aligned in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) on their card, they shout “Bingo!” to notify the other players of a winning card.

The game host (or an assistant aiding the host) is then prompted to check the card for confirmation of the win.

Players compete to be the first to come up with a winning arrangement for the prizes.

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The players clear their boards (or start with a new bingo card) once a winner is declared, and the game host begins a fresh round of play.

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