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Gift Ideas For Movie Buffs

Movie buffs are easy to please, though how special do you want your present to be? How much are you prepared to spend on that perfect gift? Here are gift ideas for movie buffs


Children enjoy movies as much as any other age, and here the variety of goods that you can buy is amazing.

Not only could you treat them to a night out at the cinema, or a cozy night in with the family watching their favorite or chosen DVD, but you can add value to the gift you give by letting them have something more permanent and tangible than the memory of the film.

Many children's films have memorabilia, and here the range of items is vast.

Looking through the minefield, there are posters for bedrooms that cost relatively little, pencil cases and school items that will capture their hearts, models that they can make following a movie theme, and jigsaw puzzles which are great for enjoyment.

Older Children And Young Adults

Here, why not make the event special and pay for the young adult and a friend to go out to the movie of their choice for the evening? These are older children that may prefer to spend time with their friends, and by choosing a night after the birthday night, everyone wins.

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DVDs are great for those young adults, although again, there is memorabilia that is suited to young adults more than children. Posters are a good choice for some, whilst others would prefer clothing. One of the greatest gifts for this age is movie soundtracks because there certainly is a wide variety, and long after the film watching is over can stay with them as a special memory.

Another option for young adults and older children is DVD players, and these range in price from relatively cheap these days, and the fashion at the moment are portable ones, where they can watch their movies while on the move, or wrapped up in bed.

The Older Adult

The age range of people in this bracket is anything from the 40s to great-grandmothers of any age. Many older couples enjoy the film and may have trouble coming to terms with new technology, although here if you gather funds from all the family, you can treat them to a DVD player.

It is a really simple technology and they can feel really up to date. Getting films for this age range is fairly easy as many re-releases of old favorites are out there.

Films for this age range do depend on interests, and sometimes you can spark an old interest. For men, it may be enthusiasm for war themes or railway history, vehicles, or nature.

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There are a vast amount of films like this on the market, and you can step away from the movies, and give them something that little bit different.

For women, try thinking back to the interests that they have. They may have dreams that they never fulfilled. Oil painting, watercolors, sewing skills, slimming, etc., are all covered by the film, and by opening up the variety of things they watch, you may be re-igniting old ambitions.

It isn't hard to find the ideal present for your loved ones who are film buffs, though with a little care and attention to your choices, you can make it a gift that makes a difference.

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