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10 Gifts for Harry Potter Lovers

Are you looking for gifts for Harry Potter lovers? I’ve created a list of 10 items at every price point. Hand-curated by me.

I have a confession. Come in a little closer. {Whispers} I have never seen any movies in the Harry Potter franchise.

But I have many friends and family members who love the movies. I know how fanatical people who have read all of the books and seen all of the movies can be. They camped out. They waited for midnight releases. They supported and supported.

So, if you know someone who is a Harry Potter lover, this list of gifts for Harry Potter fans is going to give you plenty of ideas.


Best Harry Potter Gift Ideas

Here are 10 must-have gifts for Harry Potter lovers:

1. Gryffindor Soap – Godric Gryffindor sorts students into Hogwarts houses. Each soap is molded by hand and comes in a variety of scents. Custom colors available.

2. Mischief Managed Shirts – By using these words you can end any conversation, denote the finish of a project, or excuse yourself from any situation with authority. It’s almost like… magic.

3. Wooden Music BoxThe tune is Harry Potter (Hedwig’s Theme) in this wooden (birch plywood) box with high-quality metal movement.  Just wind up the movement to play music.

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4. Night Light Jar – Ok, it may not be a Patronus but this Harry Potter Inspired lantern’s vivid color-changing light will ward off: Dementors, Horcruxes, Cornish pixies, most muggle hating house-elves, and “he who must not be named” (Unless your a Death Eater or Slytherin House).

5. Wire & Wood Sign – This way to Hogwarts! Bring this magical sign into your home with its free-hand wood-burning detail.

6. Journal– This Harry Potter magazine is mysterious and magical, with old leaflets. The Hogwarts Wizard’s Spellbook is made especially for wizards like you. Perfect as a home decor in the style of Harry Potter.

7. Blanket -Do you feel that your home is missing an eye-catching, yet practical design element? Solve this problem with a soft silk touch throw blanket that’s ideal for lounging on the couch during chilly evenings.

8. Assorted Book Ends – The bookends come with a quote and the infamous glasses and scar. 3D printed with PLA plastic, in your choice of color. Lightweight bookends are sturdy with a little hook that your book sits on and keeps them stable

9. House Rules – Harry Potter sign, in this house we do magic. Handmade wood burnt Harry Potter In This House rules decor.

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10. Keyring – The houses of Hogwarts are represented in their colorful scarfs made into a Keyring so you can represent your house anywhere you go!

Find more Gift Guides here.

What would you add to this list of gifts for Harry Potter lovers?

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