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Great American Family Christmas Schedule

There are so many options for family-friendly Christmas movies this year. Check out the 2023 Great American Family Christmas Schedule.

Great American Family 

On June 15, 2023, a merger took place between Great American Media and Pure Flix. Great American Media, the parent company of Great American Family, recognized for its family-friendly and faith-based movies, joined forces with Pure Flix, a Christian streaming service.

Following the merger, the unified entity adopted the name Great American Pure Flix.

According to Bill Abbott, the CEO of Great American Media, the merger marked a significant milestone for the company. He expressed that this strategic move was a crucial step in their mission to establish leadership in faith and family entertainment.

Under the name Great American Pure Flix, the combined platform now offers an expanded selection of new movies, programs, and Christmas movies throughout the entire year.

Great American Family Christmas 

The event is the most expansive in the history of Great American Christmas, featuring 20 all-new World Premiere original movies and delivering the strongest family-friendly, faith-based seasonal offerings on linear television. The event features original movie premieres every weekend.

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Great American Family Christmas Schedule 2023

November 18

Santa, Maybe, starring Aubrey Reynolds, premieres Saturday, November 18 (8 p.m. ET). Can theater director Lila (Reynolds) rise to the challenge of putting on the perfect Christmas ballet, while also discovering her office Secret Santa in the process?

November 19

A Paris Christmas Waltz, starring Jen Lilley and Matthew Morrison, premieres Sunday, November 19 (8 p.m. ET). A novice dancer (Lilley) pairs with a professional (Morrison) to enter a renowned dance competition…in Paris! The next story in The Christmas Waltz universe, the highest-rated Christmas rom com of 2020, from Michael Damian and Janeen Damian.

November 24

My Christmas Hero, starring Candace Cameron Bure and Gabriel Hogan, premieres Friday, November 24 (8 p.m. ET). An army reserve doctor (Bure) tracks down her family’s military history with the help of a new romance (Hogan).

November 25

A Royal Date for Christmas (wt), starring Danica McKellar and Damon Runyan, premieres Saturday, November 25 (8 p.m. ET). When a European Duke (Runyon) arrives in the US, he realizes that his bags have been lost in transit. He has no choice but to be styled, and ultimately inspired, by Bella (McKellar) the owner of a local boutique.

November 26

A Christmas for the Ages, starring Natasha Bure, Anna Ferguson, Kate Craven, and Cheryl Ladd, premieres Sunday, November 26 (8 p.m. ET). Prompted by their youngest granddaughter (Bure), four generations celebrate family and what Christmas was like in the 40s, 60s, 90s, and present day.

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December 2

Christmas on Windmill Way, starring Christa Taylor Brown and Chad Michael Murray, premieres Saturday, December 2 (8 p.m. ET). To save her family’s legacy windmill, a woman (Taylor Brown) must remind her ex-boyfriend (Michael Murray) of the best of their hometown.

December 3

The Jinglebell Jubilee (wt), starring Erin Agostino and Marshall Williams, premieres Sunday, December 3 (8 p.m. ET). A city manager (Williams) recruits the help of a childhood friend (Agostino) in setting right his town’s Christmas Charity event, while she sets to work setting him up with her close friend.

December 9

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, starring Sarah Fisher and Simon Arblaster, premieres Saturday, December 9 (8 p.m. ET). Two rival realtors (Fisher and Arblaster) are forced to work together to sell one special house before Christmas.

December 10

Peppermints & Postcards, starring Ella Cannon and Christopher Russell, premieres Sunday, December 10 (8 p.m. ET). When a Christmas letter concerning her love life goes viral, one mom discovers that romance might be right at her door.

December 16

Designing Christmas with You (wt), starring Susie Abromeit and Liam McIntyre, premieres Saturday, December 16 (8 p.m. ET). With her career on the line, a decorator (Abromeit) must work with an unexpected partner (McIntyre) to showcase a house for an upcoming Christmas gala.

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December 17

12 Games of Christmas, starring Johnny Ramey and Felisha Cooper, premieres Sunday, December 17 (8 p.m. ET). In 12 Games of Christmas, a group of old friends and neighbors are transported into a Christmas-themed board game during a Christmas party.

December 23

A Royal Christmas Holiday, starring Brittany Underwood and Jonathan Stoddard, premieres Saturday, December 23 (8 p.m. ET). In search of her big break, a reporter (Underwood) arranges a Christmas interview with a European Prince (Stoddard) visiting the states. Will the reporter’s big story become her love story?

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