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Great Gift Ideas For Homeschoolers

For many, however, finding a gift for a home-schooler that'll get them excited about learning may be challenging.

Put your fears aside; listed below are a few great gift ideas for homeschoolers that will help get you started in learning at home.

Unique School Supply Gifts

Much like their peers, home-schoolers need school supplies too. Instead of getting them the mundane, ordinary set of school supplies, why not go for a theme?

If they are into horses; purchase backpacks, pencils, notebooks, folders, etc. – embellished with a variety of their favorite equines. Disney characters, dinosaurs, kittens, you name it – whatever interests them choose that theme and stick with it.

When the time comes to present the gift; use the backpack as a gift bag; stuff all their necessary school supplies in the bag and – Voila! You have a gift that would please even the pickiest child.

Monogram Madness

For the home-schooler that has outgrown the kitschy school supplies, why not present them with:

1.) Their own personal monogrammed journal or diary. Thereby, allowing them to jot down their feelings, daily activities, wishes, or aspirations that are important to them.
2.) A monogrammed fabric notebook or textbook holder, with a matching fabric bookmark.

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Scrapbook and Scrapbooking Supplies

Since home-schoolers don't have yearbooks like their public or private-schooled peers, present them with a large scrapbook and scrap-booking supplies that will enable them to put their own “homeschooling yearbook” together.

Field Trip Passes

Although homeschooling is usually done at home, that doesn't mean that the home-schooler has to be confined inside throughout the entire day.

Therefore, present them with a large manila envelope (which they can take along and fill with keepsakes to place in their “yearbook”) filled with all-expense-paid passes to their local museums, arts and craft shows, movie and stage play theaters, baking factories, and more.

In addition to having a day of fun, they will also benefit from many of the ‘hands-on' activities provided by visiting these places.

If money is an issue; using the same manila envelope; cut out information about free local activities such as; jazz and ethnic festivals, free museum days, free fun educational activities offered at their local libraries, free animal reserve visitation days, or free arts and craft programs offered at their local arts and craft stores (if you want to be more organized, make a calendar with these free activities listed on their corresponding months, dates, and times).

Scientific Experimentation Supplies

Most home-schoolers love doing scientific experiments at home. Therefore, another great gift would include supplies needed for their weekly experiments such as:

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1.) A book filled with age-appropriate scientific experiments.
2.) Supplies needed for several of the experiments.
3.) Safety goggles.
4.) Notebook/journal and pencil to keep an account of each experiment performed.
5.) Several disposable cameras, enabling them to keep photographic memories as well.
6.) A lab coat – to make them feel like a real scientist.


Homeschooling shouldn't be limited to book learning, it should include exciting, hands-on, life lessons that will inspire as well.

Therefore, engender their love of creativity, healthy curiosity, and love of learning by presenting them with unique gifts that will get them excited about school.

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