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Halloween I Spy

A Halloween I Spy is a fun activity for any group of kids on Halloween night. This printable I Spy game can keep a large group of kids busy all night and is a great addition to a night of Halloween movies!

What is Eye Spy?

I spy is a guessing game where the spy says “I spy with my little eye …” and players have to guess the object the Spy saw. You can also play this game like a scavenger hunt where you're finding specific items, like Halloween costumes.

What is Halloween I, Spy?

Trick or Treat Eye Spy is all about finding specific items related to Halloween.

Each item on the list is a Halloween costume commonly seen or found around homes during the Halloween season. Eye Spy (or I Spy) can be played inside or outside.

How to Play the I Spy Game

“I Spy” is a fun and family-friendly guessing game that can be played by children of almost any age. Because it’s a call and response game, you don’t need any tools, accessories, cards, or boards to play, meaning you can play anywhere and anytime, as long as you have at least two players.

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“I Spy” tests and develops the powers of perception and observation, expands vocabulary, and can be used to teach young children about letters, names, shapes, and objects.

It’s also a fun way to pass time when you're on a road trip, waiting to board a train, plane, or bus, on a family holiday, in a waiting room, while you're out shopping, or if you're looking for something to do with friends.

How to Play Trick or Treat Eye Spy:

While trick or treating, look for these costumes and check them off as you go!

Costumes to look for:

  • witch
  • princess
  • ninja
  • ghost
  • pirate
  • fairy
  • scarecrow
  • skeleton
  • clown
  • vampire
  • pumpkin
  • ballerina
  • animal

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Alternative: Check off the costumes of trick or treaters who come to your door while you hand out candy.

You need a minimum of one player, but two players or more players work, too, since there's no limit on how many people can play a game. Players don't have to be old enough to read.

There are no waiting turns. Everyone can play at the same time.

You could also direct the game as the “spy.” Your job is to pick the costume that all the players can see. But once you’ve picked it, don’t say what it is! Instead, think about the object to yourself, and come up with a few features and characteristics that make this object noteworthy.

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Good adjectives to use can relate to the object:

    • Color
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Texture
    • Geometric features
    • First letter
    • Material
    • A word that it sounds like

Say “I spy with my little eye, something that…” and then finish that hint with the descriptor or adjective chosen to describe the object. For instance, if you picked a purple hat that a nearby person was wearing, you could finish with “something that you wear.”

Provide another hint if necessary. If none of the players are able to guess the object, repeat the phrase and provide another hint. Choose a different adjective this time, and concentrate on a different feature.

Halloween Night Safety

Remind the kids to stick together and watch for cars!

It is also a good idea to remind them of the rules about private property and to be respectful of people they may encounter. Here are 7 Halloween Safety Tips to know as well.

Printable Halloween I Spy

This printable Eye Spy game is available for you to download and print off for your own personal use. Give each child or team a copy of the printable and turn them loose to have fun!

Click here to download a printable list of activities.

Halloween Movies to Watch With Your Family:

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Don’t forget to PIN this post so you can come back and play again and again!A Trick or Treat Eye Spy is a fun activity for any group of kids on Halloween night. This printable I Spy games can keep a large group of kids busy all night.

Do you plan to use this Halloween I Spy for your kids?

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