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8 Ways to Spruce Up The Décor Of A Home Movie Theater

We all know we live in the age and era of the Blu-ray disc and Netflix. Also, who doesn’t enjoy a movie marathon in the sweet comfort of their home theater room instead of just watching movies in the living room?

However, it takes a true blue movie fan to tell you that part of the joy of watching a new release (or for that matter even a rerun) comes from walking into a plush well equipped, home theater as the opening credits roll.

The reason why there is a difference between watching a film in your home theater or mobile phone and watching it at an actual movie theater is that at the latter everything is larger than life (think IMAX, think 3D). After all, isn’t that really why we watch movies? To just escape for some time from reality?

Must-Have Theater Decor

For a diehard moviegoer, a good theater is all about the big screen (bigger the better), a good sound system, good air-conditioning, comfortable seating, and of course reasonably priced movie tickets.

Taking the experience to a whole new level means sprucing up the theater with quirky, interesting additions like the following items.

What do you need for a home theater?

Bean bag seating

On average the duration of any movie spans somewhere between one and a half hours and three hours. It is key to be comfortably seated during the length of this time to actually enjoy the movie. Bean bags are easily the chicest and most comfortable way of being seated in the present-day world.

Plus, they're way more fun than home theater seating on the couch, even if the chairs have cup holders. Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, if carefully coordinated with the rest of the décor, they are bound to transform the space.

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Throw in a small cushion and your audience will feel at home even while away from home.


Beautiful thick curtains

Picture quality is something that no movie buff would compromise on. Assuming your projector is in the best of conditions, it is important to ensure that no external light enters the home movie theater during the screening.

For this, the best way to block both the entrance and the exit is with good quality thick curtains. Using fabrics like velvet or brocade will give out a luxe feel while also serving the purpose.

Movie-themed wall décor

We all love a good story, but ultimately it is the charisma that stars bring to the screen that really draws us to pay a little more than the reasonable price to watch a movie's first-day first show.

Framing pictures of film stars and posters of movies that have done well (think hundred days) at the theater and decorating the walls will be a lovely extension of the movie-going experience.

Also, it will really draw selfie-obsessed teens and millennials to come back to the place.


Popcorn and drink vending machines

No matter how interesting the movie is, we have grown up believing that watching a movie also means munching popcorn and guzzling soda.

Movie theaters these days provide a wide variety of snacks and refreshments like doughnuts, nachos, and cold coffee.

However, popcorn and soda are the bare minimums in case you are worried about your budget. Also, popcorn is now a gourmet food, and the more flavors you provide the better. You don't want to miss these Movie Sleepover Party Ideas!

Good quality room freshener

We have already put in a good amount of effort in creating not just an ambiance but an experience for the moviegoer. So, it is important that stale air resulting from smelly socks or baby vomit does not get in the way of catching the latest release on a Friday evening.

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Investing in a good quality room freshener is very important. The fragrance has to be pleasant and not overpowering or annoying.

Mood lighting

The first thing to remember while lighting a movie theater is that safety comes before ambiance. Poor lighting could lead to accidents and injuries, so, while the lighting has to be dim it also has to be bright enough for the audience to comfortably move about. Moviegoers should be eased into the lower lighting levels in stages.

If the lobby area is bright, the hallways leading to the theater should be dimmer than the lobby, and the entrance to the theater is even dimmer to make the transition easier. By using wall sconces you will get a good mix of uplight and downlight to create a gentle lighting level good for hallways or seating areas.

Recessed cans will offer a more directed light source than wall sconces, but will still be a gentler option than traditional tube lighting. For the areas that require a more vibrant illumination, you could go in for LED lamped recessed cans in cool colors. Dimmable cans which allow you to adjust the lighting level are also available.

Artificial indoor plants

Never underestimate the power of greenery. While the absence of natural light rules out the possibility of placing any real plants inside the movie theater, you can make up for that by strategically placing a few artificial plants. This could mean fake flower arrangements which will be equally beautiful or just floor plants.

Movie-themed memorabilia

Just like with decorating any space, ‘less is always more and it is important not to clutter the place. However, movie fans love memorabilia and this could be anything from a Harry Potter hat or movie posters to a life-sized dinosaur placed strategically or hung from the walls of the theater. This will bring back memories of their favorite stars or movies every time they are at the theater.

Home theater projector

Using a video projector instead of your TV can create a different experience. Look for a project that supports 1920×1080 resolution, which is ideal for home entertainment. Projectors are great for playing videos, TV series, photo sharing, and football matches.

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The models available can be easily connected with your smartphone, PS3, PS4, X-Box One, or Wii to enjoy entertainment on the big screen. No need to have a big-screen TV when you can stream movies using your projector anywhere from 32” to 176” with the projection distance between 4.9ft to 16.4ft.

A projection distance of about 6.5 ft is the recommended viewing distance. Make sure the model you choose has a cooling system with heat dispersion, as well as a noise suppression technology that cuts fan sound in half.

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Why a Home Movie Theater is a Great Option

Movie theaters, today, despite facing competition from other forms retain their pride of position as a top means of entertainment among people of the world.

The average movie-goer today is well educated and well-traveled and expects a certain standard when choosing a theater for his or her viewing.  

These are simple yet effective ways to spruce up the décor of a movie theater. With an ambiance like this, you will only have people coming back for more and more.

How did you decorate your home cinema?

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