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How To Decorate a Room Like Wes Anderson

When you settle in for a movie marathon or casually watch films in your living room, most of your attention will be on the screen. The only thought you might give to the room is how comfy the sofa you’re sitting on is and whether there’s a table nearby to place your snacks.

Still, there is a certain kind of contentment to be had in paying attention to the small details of the room’s décor. If you’re an avid fan of a certain genre or director, a well-decorated room that aligns with your favorite movies’ styles can serve as a launching pad from which you immerse yourself more deeply in those films.

In this post, we’ll talk about how to decorate a room like Wes Anderson so you can bring his distinctive flair to your movie-watching experiences.

Who is Wes Anderson?

Wesley Wales Anderson is an American filmmaker. His films are known for their eccentricity and distinctive visual and narrative styles, and he is regarded by some critics as a modern-day example of the auteur. (Source: Wikipedia)

How To Decorate a Room Like Wes Anderson

Use a Vibrant Color Palette

The foremost trait that you will notice about most Wes Anderson movies is his use of bold and captivating color palettes to make his scenes look like pages in a storybook.

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As you think about how to decorate your living room, formulate a set of colors that your furniture and decorations will all follow. You may use analogous colors that are next to one another on the color wheel as a base, making sure that they are all somewhat muted.

Then, you can create a contrast with an item or two in a bright primary color. You could also choose a tonal color palette where every hue is similar, and saturation stays consistent. Use the washed-out oranges and browns of Fantastic Mr. Fox as a reference point.

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Go Vintage With Your Furniture

From the music to the individual items in his films, Wes Anderson likes to twist old elements into technicolor, youthful versions of themselves. You don’t want to play music while you’re watching movies, but you can take this principle to heart in your furniture choices.

Instead of exclusively settling for the usual conglomerations of grayscale rectangles and squares that you find in modern homes, go with more traditional and ornate chairs, sofas, and tables. You might even use a vintage drawer or cabinet in place of a normal entertainment center to hold your TV.

Not every piece you add needs to belong to the same decade, either. Place colorful retro seating next to a neutral, contemporary coffee table, and you’ll create that eclectic eccentricity you’re after.

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Put Up Playful Wallpaper

Even with some odd, eye-catching decorations, your living room can still look a bit lifeless if the walls are plain. That’s why a good tip for how to decorate the room like Wes Anderson is to put up playful wallpaper.

Many of Wes Anderson’s indoor scenes include walls full of stimulating patterns, whether they’re packed with artwork and pictures or painted in lively hues. Even the train cabins in The Darjeeling Limited are covered in vivid red and blue wallpaper.

Whatever you choose, make sure that the tones match that of your chosen color palette. If you’re crafting a pastel room, the wallpaper should stay in line with this theme, while a louder palette can benefit from a similarly bright wallpaper with repetitive geometric shapes.


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