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How To Get More YouTube Subscribers

How long have you been posting on your YouTube channel? Maybe you've spent weeks or months trying to build your following but haven't had much luck.

Maybe you're just starting out and want to learn all you can right away. If you're looking for more YouTube subscribers, you need to know what draws people in.

Find Your Niche

The best thing you can do to get new YouTube subscribers is to find your niche. Even if you are doing something that other people have done before you, it's important to find a new way to present it. Take one of the members of collaborative projects Ninja Sex Party and Starbomb for example. According to the Wiki for Dan Avidan, the group's video game parodies, musical talents, and general comedy videos have amassed more than 1.3 million followers and 290 million YouTube followers. Why? Because video game parodies are something unique and it keeps people interested. Whether you're talking about history or hoping to become a mommy blogger, finding a unique way to tell people your story is essential.

Create Your Scripts Ahead of Time

Think of your YouTube channel as a presentation. You wouldn't go up in front of your class without your notes, right? You shouldn't start filming without a script or notes about what you want to say, either. When you are constantly getting off track, forgetting what you were going to say, or otherwise appearing disorganized and saying “um” every few words, people will lose interest quickly. Humans have short attention spans. You have to keep the information flowing at an even place if you want to keep them from clicking out of your video.

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Remind People To Subscribe

It might seem too easy to work, but simply asking people to subscribe to your channel in every video can do wonders. Many people are aimlessly surfing YouTube. They come across videos to watch in recommendations, watch them, but forget to subscribe to the person if they're interested in the content. Verbally ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and include a small text reminder on the video as well as in the video's description. A small reminder can make a big difference in how many followers you have.

Film With High-Quality Equipment

You need more than just a camera. You need a good background, the right kind of lighting, and a tripod. A solid, neutral background keeps people interested in what you're saying instead of everything going on behind you. Purchase a large ring light or some other professional-grade light to help your videos look higher quality as well. Finally, a tripod keeps the camera from shaking while you're filming your videos. Depending on what type of videos you're creating, you may also want to invest in a better microphone.

There is no magic way to get more YouTube subscribers, unfortunately. However, knowing what your niche is, knowing what you're going to say, filming with high-quality equipment, and asking for what you want can take you further than you'd imagine. Try it with your next video and you just might see an influx of followers. 

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