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How to Prepare for a Binge-Watching Marathon

If you’ve found a new show or movie series you can’t wait to finish, you may need a binge-watching session. Check out this guide on how to prepare for it.

A binge-watching tv marathon is a serious matter, and you can’t successfully complete one without taking the proper steps. Really mastering the art of watching an entire television series or movie trilogy in one day takes dedication, maximum comfort levels, and some preparation. Commit to it. Own it. And most importantly, enjoy it.

Set the scene

Dim the lights, clear off your coffee table and fill your couch with pillows and blankets to get your home set up for some serious binge-watching. The environment should be comfortable and have a bit of a “movie theater” feel to it.

If you have dimmer lights, dim them all the way down; otherwise, hang some simple string lights and turn off all the other lights.

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Get comfy

You can only complete a TV marathon the way you would run an actual marathon—in stretchy clothing. Put on your coziest sweatpants, pair them with a fluffy sweater and warm slippers, and curl up. Choose the comfiest piece of furniture you have, and make sure it’s positioned just right in front of the television.

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If your friends or pets are joining in on the fun, make sure they have good spots to sit as well.

Prepare snacks

Snacking is paramount to any good binge-watching experience, as hunger can quickly lead to frequent pausing and extended activity. Avoid this by ordering deliveries and setting out snacks within arm’s reach prior to pressing play on the first show or movie.

Some great movie marathon staples include:

Pretend you’re at the theater and get all your favorite snacks. If you’re having an all-day marathon, consider ordering take-out or pizza. You can easily share these if you invited other people to join you—and you can easily eat all of it if you didn’t invite others!

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Some of our favorite TV shows to include in any binge-watching experience include Orange Is the New Black (my favorite show of the these!), Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones.

All of the streaming services make watching tv and enjoying a binge-watching session super convenient, including a service like Netflix. I've even been known to fall asleep while streaming!

People Also Ask:

Is binge-watching the same as a marathon?

Binge-watching (also known as binge-viewing) is the practice of watching entertainment or academic content for an extended period of time, typically a single tv show. Binge-watching matches up with marathon viewing, which emphasizes endurance rather than self-indulgence.

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How do you break the habit of binge-watching?

How to Stop Binge-Watching
  1. Limit the time you spend watching TV.
  2. Use your favorite shows to reward yourself after you have completed a set task or necessary work.
  3. Delete streaming apps on your devices.
  4. Try apps such as TV time, and moment, to limit the amount of time you spend on streaming sites every day.

How do I not get bored while binge-watching?

Here's what you can do:
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