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How To Watch Movies With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is not always easy to live with, but it doesn’t have to take away from your enjoyment of entertainment either. In fact, there are several options that people with hearing loss can consider to help them comfortably watch a movie at home or in the theater.

Keep reading to find out how to watch movies with hearing loss with some of the methods listed below.

Choose a Good Seat

Our first tip on how to watch movies with hearing loss is to find the best seat in the house. Of course, this will become more applicable as more theaters reopen, but choosing a seat in the middle and toward the back is a great option for optimal sound.

Wear a Hearing Aid

Wearing a hearing aid is a simple way to enjoy a movie if you have hearing loss because it gives you the ability to control surrounding sounds. There are many options when it comes to the different hearing aid styles, so try to find one that's the most comfortable option for you.

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If you don’t have a hearing aid, you can also contact a movie theater ahead of screening and request an Assistive Listening Device (ALD), which is similar to wearing headphones.

Use a Wireless Device

At home, you can also use a wireless device that will help you enjoy movies. These wireless devices act as speakers but lie near the headrest of a chair or couch, and can help you better understand the audio coming from your TV.

Think About Your Snack Choices

Do you know why popcorn is the most popular snack choice when going to the movies? Not only is it delicious, but it’s also quiet. If you have hearing loss, choose popcorn or other snacks that won’t make loud noises and disrupt your viewing.

Turn on Subtitles or Closed Captioning

When you are at home, you also have the option to turn on subtitles or closed captioning. This will help if you have hearing loss since the dialogue will also be printed on the screen. You can also contact movie theaters to find out if they offer any showtimes with closed captioning.

People Also Ask:

How do hearing-impaired watch movies?

Sound amplifiers put directly in the ear are also used in some movie theaters. These glasses represent a revolution in closed captioning since they allow deaf spectators to watch the movie and read the captions at the same time, rather than toggling between the screen and a device near their seat.

Do deaf people enjoy watching movies?

Yes, they do! They could read lips well enough to understand what was going on. Some movie theaters have assistive gadgets available so that deaf and blind guests can enjoy the film as well.

More Tips on Ensuring a Great Movie Experience

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