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How Young Filmmakers Can Make the Most of Thrift Stores

New filmmakers always look for creative ways to save money while completing a project. Thrift stores are the golden solution for newcomers trying to stay within their budget.

Here’s how young filmmakers can make the most of thrift store visits.

What are thrift stores?

According to Wikipedia, “A charity shop, thrift shop or thrift store or opportunity shop or op-shop is a retail establishment run by a charitable organization to raise money.”


Firstly, young filmmakers can use thrift stores as a resource for costumes. When you’re just starting out in the business, it’s likely that you don’t yet have much funding for your projects and films. Therefore, it’s helpful to use all the shortcuts you can to save money.

Utilizing thrift stores for costuming is a significant advantage for filmmakers that don’t yet have a big budget. You can find clothes of every shape, size, and style to meet your particular needs. Thrift stores are also fantastic for finding clothes from a specific era if you happen to be filming a period piece.

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These secondhand shops can also prove valuable for new filmmakers searching for props. As mentioned previously, newcomers in the industry likely have a much smaller budget, so finding affordable props is a must. The prices at thrift stores can make prop hunting an affordable task.

The props you need depend on your project and personal preferences, but the chances are high that you can find the necessary props while thrift shopping. Bring your prop list to the thrift store and start crossing things off the list as you come across them.

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Set Design

Set design is another aspect of filmmaking where thrift shopping can help. Building a film set is a process that is normally very pricey, but if you find everything you need at a thrift store, you will spend far less money and be able to stay on budget. Some of the things you can expect from a thrift superstore include unique furniture and home goods that you can easily convert into parts of your set.

Items such as couches, tables, dining sets, chairs, pillows, beds, and home decor are all items you can find while thrifting that would make great additions to your set design. One of the best things about secondhand home goods is that they already have a history that shows through wear and tear, which is an excellent advantage for a filmmaker.

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Now that you know how young filmmakers can make the most of thrift stores, you can start thrifting for your project today! Check out local thrift stores to craft the best costumes, props, and set designs for your film.How Young Filmmakers Can Make the Most of Thrift Stores

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