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Life Lessons in Manliness From James Bond

A single screening of any James Bond film is enough to show that the main character is the epitome of manliness. It’s hard to imagine 007 doing anything that doesn’t immediately strike you as cool. But wrapped up in all that coolness, there are nuggets of wisdom for the viewers.

The amazing thing about each iteration of the world’s most famous spy is that each movie offers unique life lessons in manliness from James Bond.

License To Chill

Remaining calm under any circumstance is a hallmark of the James Bond character. It’s a true sign of manliness not to react impulsively when a situation looks dire, but to turn the situation around and learn from it. James Bond never cracked under pressure, and neither should you.

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Dr. Know

There’s something to be said for knowing one’s self, but there are also many advantages to be gained by knowing everything you can about your opposition. Learning about a situation before jumping in allows you to formulate a plan if circumstances go astray.

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A Suit To Kill

The first thing every single person notices upon first seeing Bond is how dashing a figure he cuts in his suits. Finding a tailor who truly understands the importance of accurate measurements will make all of your suits look and feel much better (even if it’s simple adjustments).

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The Man With the Golden Tongue

Bond has gotten with a different woman in every film, meaning you could never accuse the man of not taking the time to show his romantic side. Part of expressing manliness is being willing to open yourself to the love of others—a task James clearly had no problems mastering.

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Bolden Eye

It’s difficult to get anywhere in life by simply following the pack, which is a lesson in manliness exhibited by 007 with startling frequency. While Bond’s risks usually consist of entering a firefight with no ammo, or another equally dangerous gambit, the lesson to take charge of your own life is one that translates through the silver screen.

Shoulder of Solace

The last of the life lessons in manliness from James Bond is to remember to be there for those in your life whom you love. As Bond himself would surely tell you, life is too short, and you never know when someone you love won’t be there anymore. Taking the time to tell your loved ones you care before it’s too late is what true manliness is all about.

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People Also Ask:

What is James Bond's famous line?

“A martini.

Bond defies stereotypes as a spy, detective, martial artist, and assassin. He looks to be of healthy intellect and strong spirit. He is extremely brilliant, shrewd, and self-sufficient. He is also exceedingly smart, calm, mature, and sly.

What type of man is James Bond?

Bond is a one-of-a-kind character who defies the stereotypes of a spy, detective, martial artist, and assassin. He looks to have a clear intellect and a strong spirit. He is very brilliant, extremely cunning, and diabolically self-sufficient. He is also very smart, calm, mature, and cunning.

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