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4 Most Memorable Homes From Movie History

Homes symbolize a lot, which is why they’ve been used frequently throughout film history. Here are four of the most memorable homes from movie history

Movies are a staple for entertainment in the home and out on the town, and everyone seems to remember only a few common elements. People remember the characters, the music, and the setting, particularly people’s homes.

Homes have a huge presence in many memorable movies, and these are only a few throughout cinematic history.

Home Alone

This film home is so incredibly memorable, as it epitomizes Christmas. There are other Christmas films with extraordinary homes, but none come close to that of Home Alone, as the house is less of a setting and more of a character.

Kevin McCallister uses every nook and cranny of the home to give the burglars hell, and once everything is over, it serves as a beautiful reunion spot for Kevin and his family. | Stream on Disney+


A recent entry on this list, the home from Parasite is so memorable for multiple reasons. On top of serving as a wonderful example of a modern house style, it also deeply connects to the film’s themes and the Kim family’s struggle with social mobility.

As a result, people will remember this film for years, along with the home that is so present throughout. | Stream on Hulu

Lady Bird

Another recent entry, the memorable home in this film is not actually the one in which the main character Lady Bird lives. In the story, Lady Bird is desperate to escape her traditional life, envisioning a luxurious life in the big blue house she’s seen her whole life.

It may not be the most prominent in the film, but it stands out so much that anyone who’s seen the film is sure to remember it when remembering the story.

Knives Out

The mansion from Knives Out is so memorable as it epitomizes the stereotype of the murder mystery that the film goes through. The home’s ever-elusive and hard-to-understand structure mirrors every twist and turn of the story.

Viewers cannot easily forget this home and the people inside of it, as they never reveal much about the central mystery, ultimately leaving viewers searching for clues throughout the film.

These memorable homes from movie history are in mainstream consciousness and will likely stay for much longer. Movies come and go, but it takes a lot for the memories made along the way to disappear.

Some more memorable homes will emerge in future films, and viewers will remember them alongside these homes for years to come.

People Also Ask:

Are real houses used in movies?

While some of our favorite film and television characters' homes are nothing more than purpose-built sets with dedicated teams of expert props, others are all too real. These authentic homes, which have served as the backdrops for some of the world's most iconic film moments, bring imagination to life in a spectacular way.

What city has been featured in most movies?

Long known as the king of the movie industry for nearly a century, Los Angeles is home to more movies than any other city in the world.

What house was used in the movie house?

An outrageous gingerbread Victorian house can be found at 329 Melrose Avenue, Monrovia, east of Pasadena, California. Monrovia is a popular filming location, as seen in films like American Pie and Grosse Entry.

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