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4 Ways to Celebrate Your Friends

While it’s mainstream to show your love for your significant other, celebrating friendship is unfortunately not quite so common.

For the friends who have known you since your childhood and for the friends who speak into your life compassionately, carve out time to recognize them. If you want some ideas to jumpstart your planning, here are some excellent ways to celebrate with your friends.

Plan a Grand Night In

Let’s start with something you won’t initially think of. Setting aside relaxed, at-home time with your friend is an excellent way to show them you care.

Our schedules are typically too full throughout the week, so clearing out some time for them will go a long way. Center your night in around a movie they’re been dying to see and make them snacks you know they’ll devour.

If you’re browsing and looking for a breath-taking jolt of an adventure movie, consider one of these iconic movies with a thrilling helicopter flight scene.

Or if you’re fantasy nerds, there’s no shame in watching Lord of the Rings again.


“Friends” is a smart, sophisticated comedy that looks into the hearts and minds of a group of friends living in New York.

Sex and the City

Sarah Jessica Parker stars in this hit comedy series as a writer whose life and friendships are fodder for her weekly society column.

Here are a few options available on Netflix:

Friends from College

Twenty years after graduation, a tight-knit group of college friends reconnects and discovers that love hasn’t gotten easier with age.

Good Girls

Three suburban moms orchestrate a local grocery store heist to escape financial ruin and establish independence — together.

Grace and Frankie

They’re not friends, but when their husbands leave them for each other, proper Grace and eccentric Frankie begin to bond in this Emmy-nominated series.

Buy a Great Gift

Another way to celebrate your friend is by giving them a thoughtful gift. There are two facets to this: the gift and your delivery.

For the gift, you can get them something they’re been wanting for some time or buy them an experience. Either way, your gift shouldn’t be something they would get for themselves unless that’s really what they want.

Second, spice up how you give them their gift by giving it to them as a surprise.

Make it a treasure hunting event or enlist a waiter to help—either way, they won’t see an out-of-the-blue gift coming, so you can be sure of their surprise.

Write a Genuine Letter

There is great power in showing people your appreciation, especially friends who are integral pieces of your life. One of the most direct ways of communicating your appreciation for them is through a heartfelt letter.

Here, you can take your time to remember the highlights of your relationship and put all your efforts into expressing how you feel.

Book a Getaway Flight

You aren’t close friends if you haven’t talked about the far-off countries you want to visit someday. While you may not be able to finance an entire trip to New Zealand, you can gift them with a trip to somewhere in the States.

Go together to build your relationship even further, and make sure to take plenty of pictures. There is little better than sustained time with your friend to show them you’re thankful for them.

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