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New on HBO Max – March 2023

Wondering what is coming to HBO Max? Check out the full list of what's coming to HBO Max in March 2023. Includes movies, TV shows, series, and originals.

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What’s coming to HBO Max in March

Here’s what’s new on HBO Max this Month:

What’s coming in March 2023

March 1

A Dangerous Method, 2011
Basic, 2003 (HBO)
Bloodsport, 1988 (HBO)
Cobra, 1986 (HBO)
Creed, 2015
Creed II, 2018
Finding Forrester, 2000 (HBO)
Ghost Ship, 2002 (HBO)
House at the End of the Street, 2012 (HBO)
I Love You, Man, 2009 (HBO)
Long Shot, 2019 (HBO)
Make Your Move, 2013 (HBO)
Milk, 2008 (HBO)
My Bloody Valentine, 1981 (HBO)
Next Day Air, 2009 (HBO)
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, 2014 (HBO)
Rocknrolla, 2008 (HBO)
Selena, 1997
Sinister, 2012
Spawn 1997
Speed Racer, 2008 (HBO)
The Accused, 1988 (HBO)
The Big Hit, 1998 (HBO)
The Blue Lagoon, 1980
The Brothers Bloom, 2008 (HBO)
The Expendables, 2010
The Expendables 2, 2012
The Expendables 3, 2014
The Jacket, 2005 (HBO)
The Wife, 2018
This is the End, 2013
Vampire in Brooklyn, 1995 (HBO)
You Got Served, 2004

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March 2

Marlon Wayans: God Loves Me, Max Original Premiere
Mariachis, Max Original Season 1 Premiere

March 6

Perry Mason, Season 2 Premiere (HBO)
Rain Dogs, Season Premiere (HBO)

March 8

Mortal Kombat, 2021

March 12:

The Last of Us, Season Finale Premiere (HBO)

March 17:

Beach Cottage Chronicles, Season 2

March 19:

All the Beauty and the Bloodshed, Documentary Premiere (HBO)

March 23:

Only You: The Animated Shorts Collections, 2023

March 26:

Succession, Season 4 Premiere (HBO)

March 29:

Those Who Wish Me Dead

In case you missed it, here's Everything You Need to Know About HBO Max.


Existing HBO subscribers on AT&T-owned television providers (including DirecTV) will also receive HBO Max at its launch, although it is unknown if this is only a promotional offer.

Click here to see the content available on HBO Max.

What should I expect from HBO Max?

  • The ability to create multiple profiles for each member of your family. You can also distinguish between an adult and a kid.
  • Continue Watching
  • My List
  • Featured Series
  • Featured Movies
  • Originals
  • Just Added
  • Last Chance
  • Coming Soon
  • Watch With the Family
  • Manage Devices
    • Sign all devices out or sign individual devices out, if you think your account is being used without your permission
  • Parental Controls
    • change what content your kids can access on HBO Max
  • Notifications
    • if you'd like to get show and movie recommendations, product updates, special offers, sign up for emails
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  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Crime
  • Documentaries
  • Drama
  • Fantasy & Sci-Fi
  • Horror
  • International
  • Kids & Family
  • Latino
  • Music
  • News/Talk
  • Reality
  • Romance
  • Shorts
  • Sports
  • Suspense

Which hubs are included with HBO Max?

  • HBO
  • DC
  • Sesame Workshop
  • Classics curated by TCM
  • Studio Ghibli
  • Cartoon Network collection
  • Adult Swim collection
  • Crunchyroll collection
  • Looney Tunes


  • Weekly lists including what to watch this weekend (movies, shows, and more!)
  • (


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