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New on Hulu – January

Embrace the new year with a wave of captivating content on Hulu! As January unfolds, the streaming giant is set to unveil an array of exciting additions to its library. From must-watch series and blockbuster films to intriguing documentaries and exclusive originals, there's something for every taste. Explore the highlights and hidden gems that Hulu has in store this month, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve in your binge-watching adventures.

Let's dive into the January lineup and discover the latest and greatest offerings waiting to be streamed on Hulu! Check out the full list of new shows coming to Hulu in January 2024. Includes movies, TV shows, series, and Hulu originals.

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What type of content does Hulu typically release in January?

In January, Hulu typically enriches its streaming library with a diverse array of content to kick off the new year on an engaging note. Subscribers can anticipate the release of new seasons for existing series, offering fresh episodes and storylines for their favorite shows. The platform also tends to introduce original movies, showcasing a mix of genres to cater to various viewer preferences.

In addition, January might bring forth compelling documentaries that delve into a wide range of subjects, providing informative and entertaining content. Hulu often takes the opportunity to premiere exclusive shows and specials during this time, adding unique offerings to its lineup. Subscribers can also expect acquisitions of popular TV shows and movies, enhancing the streaming platform's overall catalog.

To stay informed about the specific content released in January, it is advisable to check Hulu directly or refer to their official announcements and press releases.

What is Hulu known for?

Hulu is a popular streaming platform known for its wide variety of TV shows, movies, and live sports. It offers a vast streaming library with tons of TV episodes, films, and even live TV channels. Hulu's strength lies in its extensive collection of award-winning shows and movies that cater to a diverse audience.

In addition to its on-demand content, Hulu stands out for its live and on-demand TV feature, which includes over 85 channels encompassing sports, news, and more. This makes it a viable alternative to cable TV, as subscribers can enjoy their favorite content without the extra cable fees.

Hulu is also recognized for its regular promotional offers, which provide attractive subscription deals to new and existing users. For instance, recent top stories highlight Hulu's Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, offering discounted subscription rates.

Why does the Hulu catalog change?

The Hulu catalog changes due to a variety of reasons. One reason is licensing agreements with content providers. Hulu obtains the rights to stream TV shows and movies for a limited period, and once those agreements expire, the content may be removed from the catalog.

Additionally, Hulu's lineup is influenced by the availability of new content and changes in the streaming rights landscape. The platform also takes into account viewer demand and feedback, which can affect the decision to add or remove certain titles. It's important to note that the specific reasons for catalog changes may vary and are not always publicly disclosed by Hulu.

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Why does the Hulu remove titles?

Hulu removes titles for various reasons, including licensing agreements, the expiration of streaming rights, and changes in availability. Content providers often have limited-time licensing agreements with Hulu, and once these agreements expire, the titles may be removed from the catalog. Additionally, streaming services like Hulu may need to make cost-cutting measures, leading to removing certain titles. Viewer demand, feedback, and streaming landscape changes also play a role in the decision-making process. The specific reasons for title removal may vary and are not always publicly disclosed.

With many streaming services increasing prices, getting the most out of your monthly subscription is important.

Do the titles change on the 1st of the month or at various dates throughout the month in Hulu?

Titles on Hulu change throughout the month based on licensing agreements and updates. Hulu adds new movies and TV shows while removing others to offer a fresh and diverse selection. The specific dates of these changes vary, so it's important to check Hulu's catalog regularly.

Doing so lets you stay updated with the latest additions and avoid missing out on content you're interested in. Explore the catalog regularly to maximize your Hulu subscription and take advantage of new releases. Stay informed through official announcements to plan your viewing schedule effectively. Hulu aims to provide a dynamic and ever-evolving content library for an enhanced streaming experience.

Originals Movies and Other New Shows Coming to Hulu This Month

Here's what's New on Hulu This Month:

Jan. 1

Dick Clark's Primetime New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2024: Special Premiere
Pokemon Sun & Moon: Complete Season 20
Pokemon Ultra Adventures: Complete Season 21
Pokemon Ultra Legends: Complete Season 22
Walker, Texas Ranger: Complete Seasons 1-9
After Earth, 2013
Arkansas, 2020
Astro Boy, 2009
Compliance, 2012
Dirty Dancing, 1987
Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights, 2004
Empire Records, 1995
The Eyes Of My Mother, 2016
The Fight, 2020
Flawless, 2007
Frank, 2014
The Guard, 2011
Grandma, 2015
Godzilla vs Kong, 2021
Heat, 1995
Hero, 1992
Hook, 1991
Home Alone, 1990
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, 1992
How to Be a Latin Lover, 2017
I Think I Love My Wife, 2007
Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, 2015
The King Of Comedy, 1983
Little Manhattan, 2005
The Mummy, 1999
The Mummy Returns, 2001
The Mummy, 2017
The Nightmare Before Christmas, 1993
Pineapple Express, 2008
Prince Avalanche, 2013
Shoplifters, 2018
The Spy Who Dumped Me, 2018
Stomp the Yard, 2007
Straight Outta Compton, 2015
Stuart Little, 1999
Stuart Little 2, 2002
Super Troopers, 2002
War of the Worlds, 2005
X-Men: First Class, 2011
Year One, 2009
21 Jump Street, 2012
22 Jump Street, 2014

Jan. 2

The Devil is a Part-Timer!: Season 2, Part 2 Premiere (DUBBED)
2023 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony: Special Premiere
Godzilla: King of the Monsters, 2019

Jan. 3

The Floor: Series Premiere
Good Trouble: Season 5B Premiere
Ishura: Series Premiere
RBG, 2018

Jan. 4

Daughters of the Cult: Complete Season 1
I Can See Your Voice: Season 3 Premiere
We Are Family: Series Premiere
Ancient Aliens: Complete Season 19
Alien Encounters : Complete Season 1
Be the BOSS: Complete Season 1
Rowhouse Showdown: Complete Season 1
Danger Below Deck, 2023

Jan. 5

All Fun and Games, 2023
The System, 2022

Jan. 7

The Incredible Pol Farm: Series Premiere
Rare Objects, 2023

Jan. 8

The Great North: Season 4 Premiere
Grimsburg: Series Premiere
Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown: Complete Season 2
Prison Wives Club: Complete Season 1

Jan. 9

Synduality Noir: Season 1, Pt. 2 Premiere
Echo: Complete Season 1
Safe Home: Complete Season 1
Beyond Utopia, 2023

Jan. 11

Cold Case Files: Complete Season 4
The UnXplained: Complete Season 5
Say It To My Face!: Complete Season 1
The UnXplained: Complete Season 5
She Made Them Do It, 2013

Jan. 12

Self Reliance: Film Premiere
Gordon Ramsay's Road Trip: Spanish Vacation Part 1: Special Premiere
Miranda's Victim, 2023

Jan. 15

Heartland: Complete Season 15
The Last Circus, 2010
The Last Days On Mars, 2013
Uncharted, 2022
The Wave, 2015

Jan. 16

Death and Other Details: Complete Season 1
75th Primetime Emmy Awards: Special Premiere
Umma, 2022

Jan. 17

A Shop for Killers: Series Premiere

Jan. 18

Accused: Guilty or Innocent?: Complete Season 4
The First 48: The Detective Speaks: Complete Season 1
The First 48: Complete Season 22
Hidden Murder Island, 2023
Invisible Beauty, 2023

Jan. 19

Gordon Ramsay's Road Trip: Spanish Vacation Part 2: Special Premiere
The Baker, 2022
Dangerous Waters, 2023

Jan. 22

Superhot: The Spicy World of Pepper People: Complete Season 1

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Jan. 23

America's Most Wanted: Season 2 Premiere
The Bachelor: Season 28 Premiere
TMZ Investigates: Season Premiere

Jan. 24

Tell Me That You Love Me: Complete Season 1
King Richard, 2021
Jinxed at First: Complete Season 1 (Subbed)

Jan. 25

Chrissy and Dave Dine Out Series Premiere
Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition: Complete Season 2
History's Greatest Heists with Pierce Brosnan: Complete Season 1
Look Who is Stalking, 2023

Jan. 26

The Good Mother, 2023
Deliver Us, 2023
Imitation Game, 2014

Jan. 27

Brian Banks, 2019

Jan. 28

R.M.N., 2022

Jan. 29

Next Level Chef: Season 3 Premiere

Jan. 30

First-Time Buyer: Complete Season 4

Woman Relaxing at Home in Evening and Watching TV

Everything leaving Hulu in January

Jan. 3

Christmas Child, 2004
Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas, 2014

Jan. 7

13 Assassins, 2010
Jesus Camp, 2006
The Queen Of Versailles, 2012

Jan. 9

12 Strong, 2018

Jan. 10

Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, 2007
Central Intelligence, 2016

Jan. 14

Camp Nowhere, 1994
The Christmas Candle, 2013
Main Street, 2010
Serious Moonlight, 2009
Woman Thou Art Loosed, 2004
Zero Days, 2016

Jan. 17

The Quake, 2018

Jan. 21

The Tax Collector, 2020

Jan. 24

Barbarian, 2022

Jan. 28

Begin Again, 2014
White Snake, 2019

Jan. 31

Alien vs. Predator, 2004
Apollo 11, 2019
Armageddon, 1998
Australia, 2008
Carpool, 1996
Contagion, 2011
Deck the Halls, 2006
Deep Blue Sea, 1999
Easy Virtue, 2009
Five Feet Apart, 2019
Friendsgiving, 2020
Godzilla 2000, 2000
Godzilla: Final Wars, 2005
Goodbye Lover, 1999
Home Alone, 1990
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, 1992
Home Alone 3, 1997
In Time, 2011
Magic Mike's Last Dance, 2023
The Marine 4: Moving Target, 2015
Miracle On 34th Street, 1947
Miracle on 34th Street, 1994
Mona Lisa Smile, 2003
The Mummy, 2017
Nightride, 2021
The Nutcracker, 1993
The One I Love, 2014
Outbreak, 1995
Pacific Rim, 2013
Perfect Stranger, 2007
Poseidon, 2006
The Sandlot, 1993
Second Best, 1994
The Secret Scripture, 2016
See How They Run, 2022
Shallow Hal, 2001
Shock and Awe, 2017
Space Jam: A New Legacy, 2021
Teddy Kollek, 1995
Tigerland, 2000
Trance, 2011
Twister, 1996

That's everything coming to Hulu and everything leaving Hulu this month!

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