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Simple Upgrades for Your Home Movie Experiences

Many people enjoy watching movies at home because of its inviting allure. Everyone deserves freshly popped, buttery kernels while cozying into their favorite blanket for a night in.

Setting the ambiance and soaking up these moments are necessary for bringing this movie space together. We’ll explore simple upgrades for your home movie experience below.

Re-Evaluate Your Lighting

Lighting can make or break your viewing experience and sometimes goes overlooked. You may want to turn off all the lights to avoid glare and surround yourself with the picture, but navigating a dark room could be tricky.

Consider upgrading the lights in your home theater to soft, warm LED lights with a dimmer. This will help you reduce glare and optimize the user-friendliness of your home theater. Think about adding canned or recessed lighting as lamps that sit at screen level to increase lighting options.

Create a Snack Sanctuary

If you find yourself with armfuls of snacks or you’re pausing your movie frequently to refill your drink, consider creating a snack sanctuary. Have fun with this!

Set up a station with an old dresser or armoire in your home theater. Place a tabletop popcorn machine, snack trays, and bowls atop the station, and fill the drawers with your favorite candy and sweets.

You can buy snacks for your home cinema at your local grocery or dollar store. Just don’t forget to resupply the stash after a movie marathon!

You might want to add a mini fridge in this space to store your favorite drinks. Complete your additions with a waste basket so you have a designated place to throw garbage; otherwise, you risk crumbs or wrappers attracting unwelcome, pesky guests.

Mask External Sounds

Masking external sounds might require more of an investment on your part, but the payoff is well worth it. Homeowners experience a range of sounds, including appliances, neighbors, and traffic. They are normal for the average neighborhood but can quickly dampen a home movie experience.

Partner with a residential audiovisual provider to invest in sound masking solutions. Inquire about how sound masking works so you understand which services and materials may serve your home best.

Buffer panels on walls and ceilings do the trick for most home theaters. If your home theater space has a window, consider weatherstripping the framework to keep external sounds at bay.

Invest in a Quality Sound System

Your television might put out enough sound to enjoy the local news, but if you want a theater-like experience from the comfort of your home, you’ll need to invest in a high-quality sound system. Think about the 360 effects of a cinema and how creeping sounds from behind you can elevate the experience.

Front-facing sound systems work well when accompanied by a subwoofer. High-hung speakers in the back corners of a movie room are simple upgrades that can change your home movie experience without much effort.

Hopefully, this list of items helps you elevate your home movie experiences. You deserve to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show, and these simple upgrades can help you achieve just that!

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