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10 Awesome Stranger Things Gifts

Are you looking for Stranger Things gifts? I’ve created a list of 10 Stranger Things gift ideas at every price point. Hand-curated by me.

My family loves to watch Stranger Things on Netflix. Whether you’re a teenager or an adult who is hit with a serious case of nostalgia, this show captivates audiences.

How the house is decorated, the music they play, the 80’s references, the clothes they wear.

It all SCREAMS the 80’s!

So, if you know someone who is a fan, this list of Stranger Things gifts is going to give you plenty of ideas.

Best Stranger Things Gift Ideas

1.  Stranger Things Hoodie – Can’t decide which character is your favorite? Don’t worry about it! This sweatshirt features all of them.


2. Stranger Things Christmas Sweater – This cute Christmas Hoodie will gift comfort to your cold nights.

3. Stranger Things Poster – This retro looking poster shows a silhouette of the kids riding their bikes home with the trees on the side of the road in the background. It also features a cool cross-processing feature that reveals what really might be hiding in the woods.


4. Stranger Things Shirt –  This t-shirt also shows a silhouette of the kids riding their bikes home with the trees on the side of the road in the background.

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Or pick a t-shirt that reminds everyone of Stranger Things, Season 2, where Merrill’s Farm is the site of the poisoned pumpkin patch. Fun fact: it is part of the real-life Sleepy Hollow Farm!

5. Stranger Things Sweatshirt – Become an honorary member of the Hawkins Middle School AV Club. Besides being best friends, the four kids: Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will were also the members of the Hawkins Middle AV Club. This is why, alongside practical purposes, they used the AV room to confer important but discreet discussions among themselves, such as, regarding a supernatural issue with Will.

6. Stranger Things Phone Case – This case encompasses that whole storyline. Made from Plate and TPU material case that has easy access to all buttons and features.

7. Stranger Things Hat – This class trucker hat is perfect for cosplay or Halloween costume because it looks identical to the hat Dustin wears on the show.

8. Stranger Things Pins – Want a way to integrate Stranger Things into anything? Here is a Stranger Things Button Badge of Great Quality.

9. Stranger Things Ornament – Send a subtle message on your Christmas tree with this ornament to remind everyone of Joyce’s Christmas lights over a series of letters so that she can receive messages from her son.

10. Stranger Things Mug – This high-quality 11oz. ceramic white mug has a premium hard coat that provides crisp and vibrant color reproduction sure to last for years. Perfect for all hot & cold beverages.

Here are 20 more Stranger Things gift ideas on Amazon.

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People also ask:

What do you get fans of Stranger things?

  • Buy Stranger Things T-Shirt at Hot Topic.
  • Buy Steve Harrington Candle on Etsy.
  • Buy First Stranger Things Novel on Amazon.
  • Buy Stranger Things Fleece Blanket on Amazon.
  • Buy Secret Files of Will Byers at Target.
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Does Amazon have stranger things?

Yes, you can watch Stranger Things on Amazon Prime.

Stranger Things: The Complete First Season Blu-ray (A Netflix Original Series) [Season 1 Bluray]
  • stranger things 4k
  • stranger things season 1 and 2
  • stranger things season 1 dvd
  • stranger things season 2
  • stranger things season 2 blu ray

Is there a Stranger things game?

Netflix has made its first set of mobile games available to all users globally via Android and iOS. Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3: The Game are among the titles on the list, which were initially available on Android in Poland in August.

Is Stranger things on Amazon Prime video?

Stranger Things
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Adeel Akhtar, Bridget Collins (Actors)
  • Eleanor Burke (Director) - Eleanor Burke (Writer) - Eleanor Burke (Producer)
  • English (Playback Language)
  • English (Subtitle)

Stranger Things

An unusual and touching bond develops when grieving Oona reaches out to a mysterious homeless man, offering him a place to stay in her garden shed.

Who is demogorgon?

In Stranger Things, the Demogorgon was the first creature presented to fans.

Is Hawkins in a real place?

Hawkins is a fictional rural midwestern town with a population of 30,000 people in Indiana’s Roane County.

Where else can you watch Stranger Things?

You can also watch Stranger Things on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

What is stranger thing rated?

Stranger Things is classified TV-14 on Netflix, which means it’s aimed towards both teenagers and adults. Viewers should expect strong scenes featuring issues like as experimentation, horrific appearing animals, murder, death, and brutality because the program is a sci-fi horror drama.

What apps can u watch Stranger Things on?

You can watch Stranger Things on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

How do you get 100 on Stranger things?

Stranger Things: 1984 – 100% Complete
  1. Unlock Max.
  2. Collect all 8 Eggos and Unlock Eleven.
  3. Collect all 8 VHS Tapes.
  4. Collect all 40 Heart Pieces.
  5. Collect all 12 Gnomes.
  6. Acquire all 11 Character Upgrades.
  7. Complete the Side Quests. If you are missing something, It’ll be probably an upgrade or a side quest. Kudos! You’ve done it!
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Where is the 13th heart piece in Stranger things?

Take Will into the Forest Maze to collect Heart Piece #13 (you’ll need Will in order to get this Heart Piece). Heart Piece 14: All you have to do to earn Heart Piece #14 is break every fire alarm at Hawkins Middle School.

Where is the 3rd VHS tape in Stranger things?

#3 VHS Tape
Hawkins Middle School houses the third VHS Tape in Stranger Things: The Game. Head to Hawkins Middle School after progressing through the game to the point where Will joins your party. You’ll want to go north, east, and then east again after entering. A chamber with a pipe may be found here.

Is Stranger Things for kids?

Stranger Things is a show that everyone should see! It’s great for older tweens, adolescents, and adults, not for little kids! Overall, though, it’s a fantastic program with positive themes and role models. Despite the TV-14 rating, it would be appropriate for children aged 11 and up!

What is the appropriate age to watch Stranger Things?

Overall, though, it’s a fantastic program with positive themes and role models. Despite the TV-14 rating, it would be appropriate for children aged 11 and up!

How many episodes does Stranger Things have in season 1?

There are a total number of 14 episodes.

What would you add to this list of Stranger Things gifts?

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