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Superhero Activity Pack

Wondering what superhero movie to watch on Disney Plus? This Superhero Activity Pack will make you get curious about how the story goes on with every character mentioned. Check out this post to find out every title that’s available right now.


About the Superhero Activity Pack

This Superhero Activity Pack consists of 3 activities each on 1 page and a page with the answers for the Word Scramble.

This activity pack includes activities for the following Superhero movies: 

The printable includes the following activities:

  • Word Search
  • Character Scramble
  • Challenge (Superhero name matching)

Superhero movies on Disney+

The following Superhero movies are some of the movies that are available on Disney+.

What is a Superhero?

superhero is a character with extraordinary powers that performs heroic actions.

Superhero Characters

  • Black Panther. T'Challa is the king of Wakanda.
  • Hawkeye. Clint Barton is an expert marksman and fighter.
  • Spider-man. Peter Parker fights crime and dreams of becoming an Avenger.
  • Hulk. Dr. Bruce Banner, Ph.D. is an American theoretical physicist, famed for his work in the studies of nuclear physics and gamma radiation.
  • Vision.  the android, Paul Bettany, joined the ranks of Earth's mightiest heroes instead.
  • Superman. Clark Kent was born on Krypton.
  • Black Widow. Natasha Romanoff, separated from the now-fractured Avengers, confronts the dark path she took to becoming a spy and assassin, as well as the events that followed.
  • Batman. Bruce Wayne was known as the ‘World's Greatest Detective'
  • Wonder Woman. Diana Prince is a princess from a secluded, all-women island paradise now known as Themyscira, which was granted to the Amazons by the Greek gods.
  • Iron Man. Anthony Stark's confidence is only matched by his high-flying abilities.
  • Falcon. Sam Wilson, takes on the mantle of Captain America as he teams up with his fellow Avengers.
  • Ant-Man. Scott Lang follows in the tiny, yet mighty, footsteps of his predecessor as the size-changing hero.
  • Captain America. Steven Rogers is known as the Super-Soldier.
  • Flash. Barry Allen was the faster man alive.
  • Thor. Thor Odinson, the god of Thunder.
  • Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers,  a former the United States Air Force pilot.
  • Scarlet Witch. Wanda Maximoff has fought both against and with the Avengers. Notably powerful.
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Disney Superheroes Word Search

About the Word Search

  • Look for double letters first. Those will typically pop off the page. So on this word search, you might want to start with the word, AARON. Look for the double-As. 
  • Read each line of the word search box and see if any words are there. 
  • Look at the surrounding letters. So first identify the first letter of the word you are searching for. Then look at each letter around that first letter and see if any of those are the second letter you need. If not, move on to the next first letter you come to and repeat. 
  • Use your finger as you scan each line. This helps you keep your place and you are less likely to miss a word. 

Superhero Word Scramble

About the Word Scramble

  • Complete in pencil, in case you make mistakes
  • Think of words you could create starting with each letter.
  • Example:  T K H N I – If the first letter is T, then the second letter could not be K. Maybe the second letter could be H. Then, these two letters should be followed by a vowel. Now, we have THI and K N are the only letters left. It's pretty likely that the word is THINK.
  • Learn how to recognize word fragments and smaller words you can build off of.
  • Easy tip – review the word search words, these are likely the words that are included in the scramble
  • Idea: use letters, letter magnets, etc., assemble the same letters, and play around with the order until you form the correct word
  • Get more word scramble tips here.
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Take a look at the words on the left and unscramble them to figure out the correct Star Wars term and then write it on the blank line.

Some of the scrambled letters are actually more than one word!

Superhero Matching Game


This printable Superhero Matching Game with one page of the matching game.

Each game has 14 sets of items to match.

Match the Superhero to the Real Name.

Superhero featured in this matching game:

  • Thor
  • Iron Man
  • Hulk
  • Captain America
  • Hawkeye
  • Spider-man
  • Batman
  • Black Widow
  • Vision
  • Captain Marvel
  • Falcon
  • Flash
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Wonder Woman

Real Name featured in this matching game:

  • Diana Prince
  • Peter Parker
  • Paul Bettany
  • Natasha Romanoff
  • Wanda Maximoff
  • Clark Kent
  • Thor Odinson
  • Sam Wilson
  • Bruce Banner
  • T'Challa
  • Steven Rogers
  • Barry Allen
  • Carol Danvers
  • Clint Barton
  • Bruce Wayne
  • Anthony Stark


The rules of this game are pretty simple. Give every player a copy of this Challenge Game printable and set a time limit (we like to use 3-5 minutes depending on the ages of players.)

Or kids can do them at their own pace.


The first step is to print off the Superhero Matching Game. You may want to laminate the games so they can be reused over and over again. Or, print the games on white cardstock so they are sturdier and easier to play with.

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Be sure to only give the player the page with no answers to the printable.


Ways to play:

In the left column, there is a list of superheroes featured. In the right column, there is a list of the Real Name stars. Draw a line from the superheroes featured to the Real Name featured he or she starred in to match.

Click here to download this printable.

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