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7 Black Teenage Love Movies on Netflix

While there is still a need for more Black Love Movies which people of all nationalities can recognize, this list of Black Teenage Love Movies on Netflix romance movies highlights different symbolism within Black culture, reflecting a wide variety of Black personalities and showcasing the many varied experiences of Black teen people and love. Black …

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13 Loving Day Movies

Interracial relationships have come a long way in the last 55 years including a landmark Supreme Court case. June 12th marks National Loving Day, commemorating the historic 1967 U.S. Supreme Court decision. Loving v. Virginia, a Supreme Court decision that threw down anti-miscegenation statutes, or laws barring interracial marriages, in 16 states. To mark the …

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15 Black Love Movies on Netflix

As an African-American woman, sometimes I search for romantic movies on Netflix that feature Black actors and tell Black stories. This collection of Black love movies on Netflix includes nearly 150 options. WHAT ARE BLACK LOVE MOVIES? Black love is a whole movement. Black Love … highlights love stories from the Black community and answer the …

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