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The Best Subscription Boxes for Movie Lovers

Are you looking for The Best Subscription Boxes for Movie Lovers? In this list of gifts for movie lovers, I’ve created a list of subscriptions at every price point. Hand-curated by me.Monthly Critic
Some examples of Cratejoy subscription boxes I love:

Reel Bookish

Reel Bookish

Each Reel Bookish box contains a newly released hardcover YA novel along with high-quality goodies from movies that pair well with the read. Each box will have its' own unique theme & be packed with items that we strive to make sure you’ll love! Our goal is that our box will help you find & fall in love with your new favorite film or read

  • Newly Released Hardcover YA Novel Every Month
  • High Quality Movie Items
  • Unique Recommendations and Content


My Keto Snack Box

My Keto Snack Box

Enjoy low carb snacks with My Keto Snack Box subscription service. We provide variety of products for customers to try new things and still be able to enjoy guilt free snacks on your Ketogenic diet. Our service allows our customers to try out different food options that they normally wouldn't consider eating!
  • 8 – 12+ Keto & Low Carb Friendly Snacks
  • Less than 5 grams of carbs per serving
  • Get snacks delivered every month. Ships on the 7th off every month
  • Free Shipping Subscription
  • Try new and exciting Keto snacks! Always sugar free and no artificial ingredients
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Reel Snack Box

Reel Snack Box is a movie-themed snack box made to enhance your experience streaming movies at home. Each monthly box is carefully curated to the theme of a new movie that's available on a streaming service.

  • 7 high quality, movie-themed snacks
  • New movie recommendations for each month
  • Free shipping
  • Cancel anytime

Monthly Popcorn Subscription


Kernel Crate

Have you ever wondered what cinnamon roll flavored popcorn taste like? What about strawberry lemonade or BBQ bacon? What about pickle, horchata, caramel cheddar mix, or ghost pepper kettle corn?! With Kernel Crate, you'll receive three brand new flavors every month, each unique and each deliciously popped just days before it arrives to you!

  • Three Unique Flavors Every Month
  • Tree Nut Free, Peanut Free, and Gluten Free
  • Popped Fresh, Just Days Before Arrival

Crunchables Box

We are potato chip lovers and when we traveled we noticed different potato chip brands and flavors available in different regions of the country. We thought “let's create a box offering specially selected brands and deliver them to people's homes!” Each box comes with an assortment of potato chips weighing 25 – 30 ounces.
  • Premium Regional Potato Chips
  • Unique Gift Idea or College Care Package
  • Chef Tested Recipes Included
  • Several Pricing Plans to Choose From
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Movie Cocktail and Snack Boxes

The boxes for March are “Lethal Weapon”, “Pretty Woman”, and “Bend it Like Beckham.” Each box has a different drink! “Lethal Weapon” includes the ingredients for a Gold Rush. “Pretty Woman” includes the ingredients for a Brown Derby. And finally, “Bend it…” includes the ingredients for a Passion Fruit Sour. Plus snack recipes and fun stuff!

  • High quality ingredients
  • Fun recipes
  • Movie-themed surprise
  • Gifts
  • Collectibles

VHS Yes! Box

Monthly VHS box delivers 4-5 VHS tapes to your door each month! We have tapes of all genres that we hand-pick for you based on your preferences! Relive the fun of Friday night blockbuster rentals, except you get to keep your movies! Just remember, please be kind and rewind!

  • Handpicked for you based off of your preferences!
  • 4-5 VHS tapes each month!
  • Rare and unique tapes.
  • $30-$50 value per box!
  • Relive the experience of the Video Rental Store!

More Gift Ideas for Movie Lovers:

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