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Things You Can Do With Your Old DVD Player

Do you have a dusty DVD player in the back of your closet? In the age of streaming, this old device might seem like a relic of the past.

A hand inserting an iridescent, like-new disc into a black DVD player.

If you’re not going to keep using it, you probably want to get rid of it. However, disposing of electronics contributes to e-waste, a particularly strong hazard for the environment.

So before you dump your old DVD player in the trash, check out some of the practical things you can do with it below.

Take It for One Last Spin

Before you decide its fate, why not take your DVD player for one last spin? Dust off those classic films and have a movie marathon night.

This is a nostalgic way to relive the golden era of DVDs and appreciate the charm of physical media. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to view those special features and director’s commentary tracks that rarely make it to streaming platforms.

Screen Too Small?

One of the reasons DVD players have gone out of style is their size. People would rather watch on laptop-sized screens for daily viewing.

If you feel the same, then you can connect your DVD player to your laptop to watch on a bigger screen. Then, you can enjoy the player’s last hurrah comfortably.

Repurpose It as a CD Player

Your DVD player doesn’t have to retire just because you’re not watching DVDs anymore. Most DVD players can also play CDs, making them perfect for a living room or even a garage music player.

Connect the device to your sound system, and voilà, you have a dedicated CD player ready to bring your old music collection back to life.

Upcycle It

Keep using your DVD player in a completely different way by upcycling it. With a bit of creativity, you can transform it into a unique piece of art or even a functional item for your home.

Here are some potential project ideas:

  • A planter for your succulents
  • Retro casing for a modern piece of tech
  • A 3D printer (You have to be techy for this one!)

Giving your DVD player a new purpose not only spares it from the landfill but also adds a touch of personal flair to your decor.

Donate or Sell It

Believe it or not, there’s a market for old electronics, and your DVD player could find a new home. Selling it online or donating it to a thrift store or charity can give it a second life with someone who values the nostalgia and functionality of DVDs.

But before you part ways, make sure to clean it up and check that it’s in working order.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be too quick to dismiss your DVD player as obsolete; it still has a few tricks up its sleeve that can surprise and delight movie lovers everywhere. Will you do any of these things with your old DVD player?

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