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Tips for Setting Up the Perfect Movie Theater at Home

Creating a home movie theater is everyone’s dream, and it’s possible to do it, even if it’s the kind of setup you tear down after watching a movie. To help you get started, you need to know some of the highly recommended tips for setting up the perfect movie theater at home.

Pick the Hot Spot

Engineers and scientists have toiled long and hard to come up with the optimal viewing distance for watching HDTVs. If you’re looking for a more temporary setup, consider choosing spots that can fit the theme of your movie.

Each room you like can be its own themed area for every type of film, from Star Wars to James Bond and more. When picking a spot, make sure to toss out clutter before setting up seating.

The best location is one that you and your friends and family can all sneak off to and enjoy spending time together. However, the space you choose should fit a screen that’s big enough for all to see and enough space to fit chairs at a reasonable distance from the screen.

Figuring out how far back the chairs should go is simple—measure your display’s diagonal screen size and multiply that number by 1.5 to 2.5. The calculated number is how far the couch, chairs, and tables must be in front of the screen.

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Get Good Seating

Do you enjoy 3D films? If so, you might plan on watching a ton of them. In that case, consider getting a chair or couch with a stiff back to help add head support. Without support, you’re prone to sprawling around, which can deter the experience for you and everyone else. When in the chair or on the couch, sit up straight and don’t slouch.

Put On Headphones

For the best surround sound—and to avoid disturbing neighbors or sleeping babies—use some headphones. With headphones, you can truly feel like you’re going on the same adventure as your favorite superheroes and even braving those troubling times in 18th-century England with the royal family.

For the best choice, we recommend purchasing a wireless pair of headphones so you can move around and not miss a moment of dialogue. You can even use headphones for game systems as well, just as long as you have the remote.

Our tips for setting up the perfect movie theater at home all start with one specific room you can hardly help but stay in at all hours of the day or night. Make movie night at your house so much more by putting in a home theater.

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