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Top 10 Worst Disney Villains

Disney movies are well known for their cunning and calculated villains but here are the ones who just don't cut it.

Top 10 Worst Disney Villains

Following the top 10 best Disney Villains, here are the ones who didn't quite make the list:

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  • Irene Bedard, Judy Kuhn, Mel Gibson (Actors)

#10 Governor Ratcliffe (Pocahontas)

He was evil, yes, but that seemed to be all there was to him. He had a lot of spare time on his hands to think up plots but didn't really do anything physically evil. It could be argued that he had his men do villainous deeds for him but that came across as a weakness in character.

Bambi (1942) (Theatrical Version)
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  • Bobbie Stewart : Bambi (Baby), Donald R. Dunagan : Bambi (Young), Hardie Albright : Bambi (Teen) (Actors)

#9 The Hunter (Bambi)

The argument here is whether or not it's eviler to watch a character develop and become more obsessed with power and vanity than it is to experience an evil act by a character that technically does not exist.

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The poignant scene in which it is discovered Bambi's mother has been shot by a hunter is possibly one of the cruelest moments in a Disney film but rather than it is the cruelty of a green-skinned evil witch, this actually happens.

The Jungle Book
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  • Bill Murray, Ben Kingsley, Idris Elba (Actors)

#8 Kaa (The Jungle Book)

The movie's real evil is shown in the form of Shere Khan but this cunning snake certainly had villain potential what with his hypnotic ability. It would have been interesting to see him develop as a real evil character but, in the film, he is actually quite likable.

Alice In Wonderland
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  • Kathryn Beaumont, Heather Angel, Ed Wynn (Actors)

#7 The Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)

She just wasn't all that evil. Nor was there a lot to her character either as most of her time was spent looking angry and shouting “Off with her head!”. As a comedic villain, she is one of the finest but she appeared more psychotic than truly evil.

Lady and the Tramp (Theatrical Version)
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  • Verna Felton, Peggy Lee, Larry Roberts (Actors)

#6 Aunt Sarah (Lady and the Tramp)

Aside from having some really nasty and troublesome Siamese cats, what exactly did this villain do? All the events that followed with her being overly cruel to Lady stemmed from the chaos the cats created. She wasn't power-crazed or even all that evil. She was just a cat person!

The Sword in the Stone (4K UHD)
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  • Sebastian Cabot, Karl Swenson, Rickie Sorensen (Actors)

#5 Madame Min (The Sword in the Stone)

More crazy than evil with a screen time that does not exceed 20 minutes in the film. There just wasn't much time for a real evil villain to develop from that.

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Robin Hood
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  • Roger Miller, Phil Harris, Brian Bedford (Actors)

#4 Prince John (Robin Hood)

Not a terrible villain, just not very memorable. The evil intent to counter Robin Hood's actions and make the rich even richer was there but there was little else to leave a lasting impression on the audience and he came across as a lovable character in some places rather than evil.

The only thing he really had was power and the thumb-sucking crybaby was easily outwitted by Robin Hood.

The Aristocats
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  • Phil Harris, Eva Gabor, Sterling Holloway (Actors)

#3 Edgar (The Aristocats)

This guy was pretty evil in his selfish plans to get rid of Duchess and her kittens, which you'd think would make him a good villain. What let him down was the complete lack of character development or even a personality.

Mulan II
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  • Ming-Na Wen, B.D. Wong, Mark Moseley (Actors)

#2 Mushu (Mulan II)

Okay, so not a villain in a true sense but this little dragon underwent a character transformation from the first movie, becoming selfish and calculating.

There were no other real villains in the film other than a short bandit fight scene so the former lovable sidekick seems the only one who can fill that space.

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Little Mermaid II: Return to The Sea
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  • Jodi Benson, Samuel E. Wright, Tara Charendoff (Actors)

#1 Morgana (The Little Mermaid II)

Despite having almost the exact same motives as her sister, the original movie's evil sea witch Ursula, and being voiced by Pat Carroll (as was Ursula), Morgana barely even touched on the evil of her sister.

Gone is the horribly grotesque octopus appearance that made Ursula so frightening and this new sea witch's magical abilities don't seem to be up to much either.

Setting her aside from sisterly comparisons, there's still not much villainy action from this one. Her only evil trickery is against a child (Ariel's daughter Melody), who manages to defeat her in the end anyway.

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