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Top Reasons You Should Set Up A Home Movie Theater

Given the current situation of the world, most movie theater chains aren’t open in the United States right now. Unfortunately, there’s also no telling when movie chains could open again or if major chains will even survive the pandemic.

So, for your safety and due to the grim climate, movie theaters are unfortunately not an option right now for many people. That is just one of the many top reasons you should set up a home movie theater instead.

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More Movies Are Available To Stream

While Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. are keen on releasing Tenet in movie theaters, other movie studios like Universal and Disney are opting for a premium video-on-demand release for their delayed movies instead. These are unprecedented times, and movie studios are going to have to start making money again, so there will be plenty of new releases coming out soon.

You can watch plenty of new releases right from home, and a cinema room will give you the closest thing to a theatrical experience.

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TV Shows Are More Cinematic Than Ever Before

In addition to new movies bypassing theaters and hitting VOD, there is plenty of old and new TV shows that you can enjoy from home as well. Some incredible TV shows are being produced right now at a cinematic quality, such as The Mandalorian and Game of Thrones, which is something you can’t see in theaters, but you can right at home.

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Create A More Comfortable Experience

When you go to a movie theater, it can be uncomfortable, even though many have added reclining seats in recent years. A home movie theater can give you a more comfortable experience and make you feel safe during COVID-19. Plus, you get the option to choose the furniture for your home cinema.

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Technology Has Made It Possible

Need another reason you should set up a home movie theater? Home theater technology has never been better.

While nothing can compete with experiencing a highly anticipated movie with an audience, the quality of the presentation can be just as high in a home theater thanks to surrounding sound systems, projectors, 4K TVs, and so much more.

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The landscape of theatrical distribution will be different and could cause many studios to release movies straight to VOD in the future, so now is the perfect time to set up your home theater. Once you’ve set up your theater, settle in for an epic marathon full of great titles, all available on Netflix.

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