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TV Shows for Tweens on Netflix

With hundreds of films, movies, and documentaries for all audiences, it can be a bit confusing to customize your preferences on Netflix. Here are the best tv shows for tweens on Netflix.

What is a tween?

A 7- to 12-year-old, who feels like he’s not a little kid, but he is not yet a teenager. I have a 12-year-old daughter (tween) and a 19-year-old son (teen).

Often, when it comes to reviewing, recommending, and rating TV shows and movies, these are the general age guidelines:

  • Preschoolers (2-4)
  • Little Kids (5-7)
  • Big Kids (8-9)
  • Tweens (10-12)
  • Teens (13-18)

What movie ratings are appropriate for tweens?

According to Common Sense Media:

It can be a real challenge to find TV shows for tweens that are actually good. As kids creep up in age, they still like cartoons, but they also enjoy a mix of live-action shows with some relatable storylines.

But shows that target this age group often rely too much on crude humor, sassy drama, and over-the-top violence. Luckily, we've compiled this list of series that provide not only great role models for older kids but also the fun, engaging entertainment they'll love. 

These are the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)'s Movie Ratings:

  • Rated G: General audiences – All ages admitted.
  • Rated PG: Parental guidance suggested – Some material may not be suitable for children.
  • Rated PG-13: Parents strongly cautioned – Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.



Designed to be appropriate for all children


Suitable for ages 7 and up


Suitable for General Audiences


Suitable for General Audiences


Parental Guidance suggested


Parental Guidance suggested



Parents strongly cautioned. May be Inappropriate for ages 12 and under.


Parents strongly cautioned. May not be suitable for ages 14 and under.

Restrict What Your Kids Watch by Setting The Maturity Level On Their Profiles.


Click on manage profiles. Click on the pencil icon on the profile you want to change. In the “Maturity Settings” section, click edit. You’ll be prompted to enter the account password. In the “Profile Maturity Rating” section, you can choose from TV-Y, TV-Y7, TV-G, G, TV-PG, PG, PG-13, TV-14, R, TV-MA, and NC-17.

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When you're viewing the information section about a specific title, there will be an indication as to why. Example: A Series of Unfortunate Events is rated TV-PG for substances and smoking.

Restrict Specific Titles


Do your kiddos keep trying to watch movies rife with over-the-top gore? Block ’em! By accessing parental controls, you can make a PIN that locks the programs little Johnny shouldn’t be watching.

To add a PIN to a specific profile:

  1. From a web browser, go to your Account page.
  2. Open the Profile & Parental Controls settings for the profile you want to lock.
  3. Change the Profile Lock setting.
  4. Enter your Netflix account password.
  5. Check the box to Require a PIN to access the selected profile.  
    • To remove the PIN requirement, uncheck the box.
  6. Enter 4 numbers to create your Profile Lock PIN. Unless you're using an unsupported device, you'll enter this PIN to open the profile or play titles downloaded from it.
  7. To require a PIN any time a new profile is added to your account, select Require PIN to add new profiles.
  8. Select Save.

Your device may require a refresh to pick up the updated settings. To refresh:

  • Switch to another profile, then switch back.
  • Or, sign out of your device and sign back in.

TV Shows for Tweens on Netflix

I would generally recommend that you stick with these ratings: TV-Y, TV-Y7, TV-G, G, TV-PG (if you are going to watch with your child or feel comfortable allowing them to watch alone), or PG.

The recommendations in this post include everything from comedies, musicals, summer camps, farms, and romance.

TV Shows for Tweens on Netflix

Best Worst Weekend Ever

Teenage friends plan an epic trip to Comic-Con to meet their idol, only to get caught in one hilariously awkward predicament after another. | Stream on Netflix

Raising Dion

A widowed mom sets out to solve the mystery surrounding her young son's emerging superpowers while keeping his extraordinary gifts under wraps. | Stream on Netflix

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The Letter for the King

A young knight in training contends with ancient prophecies, magical powers, and fickle companions as he sets out on an epic quest to save his kingdom. | Stream on Netflix

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

As power-hungry overlords drain life from the planet Thra, a group of brave Gelfling unites on a quest to save their world and fight off the darkness. | Stream on Netflix

A Series of Unfortunate Events

The extraordinary Baudelaire orphans face trials, tribulations, and the evil Count Olaf in their fateful quest to unlock long-held family secrets. | Stream on Netflix

Rilakkuma and Kaoru

Kaoru leads a mundane life, but she gets to go home and find comfort in Rilakkuma, her endearingly lazy roommate who happens to be a fuzzy toy bear. | Stream on Netflix

The Baby-Sitters Club (2020)

Mary Anne and Stacey team up for an out-of-town job: babysitting kids at the beach. But a cute new crush challenges business and friendship. | Stream on Netflix


After uncovering a mysterious amulet, an average teen assumes an unlikely destiny and sets out to save two worlds. Created by Guillermo del Toro. | Stream on Netflix


These heartwarming stories explore the abiding emotional bonds that form between dogs and their caregivers, no matter the circumstances. | Stream on Netflix

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Five space cadets learn that they have been called to defeat evil by piloting flying mechanical lions that combine to form an awe-inspiring robot. | Stream on Netflix

Twelve Forever

Reggie's wild imagination unlocks a weird and wonderful world where she can be herself — and escape the pressures of growing up. | Stream on Netflix

Nadiya's Time to Eat

On this cooking show, Nadiya Hussain serves up delicious shortcuts, vital ingredients, and fast favorites — perfect for today's time-strapped families. | Stream on Netflix

Kid Cosmic

boy's superhero dreams come true when he finds five powerful cosmic stones. But saving the day is harder than he imagined — and he can't do it alone. | Stream on Netflix

Julie and the Phantoms

Julie lost her passion for music when she lost her mom. But when three ghostly guys appear and lift her spirits, they decide to start a band together! | Stream on Netflix

Glitch Techs

Two teens work at a game store as a front for their actual job: Hunting video game monsters who've broken out into the real world. | Stream on Netflix

Project Mc2

Teenage spy McKeyla teams up with three other super-smart girls to become secret agents who use their science and tech skills to save the day. | Stream on Netflix

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Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts

Making her way through a world of mutant animals, a sheltered yet scrappy girl learns how to survive — and get home — with help from her ragtag crew. | Stream on Netflix


From germs and emotions to social media and more, it's the science of your world explained in a way that's refreshingly relatable. | Stream on Netflix

Little Lunch
  • Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)
  • Heidi Arena, Faith Seci, Flynn Curry (Actors)

Little Lunch

Adopting a child's perspective, this show takes a humorous look at what happens during those action-packed 15 minutes of snack time each day. | Stream on Netflix

Greenhouse Academy

When teen siblings Hayley and Alex enter an elite boarding school, they find rivalry, romance, and a mystery related to the recent loss of their mom. | Stream on Netflix

To continue learning, check out the Tween Movie Night Bundle.

If you want more specific age recommendations, check out this Common Sense Media guide.

People also ask:

What should I watch on Netflix if I am 12 years old?

Check out this list of tween shows on Netflix.

What is a good show for a 13-year-old on Netflix?

Here are the options available on Netflix.

What do 12-year-olds watch?

Good TV Shows for 12-Year-Olds
  • Alexa & Katie.
  • The Baby-Sitters Club.
  • Greenhouse Academy.
  • Liv and Maddie.
  • Bunk'd.
  • The Flash.
  • Stuck in the Middle.
  • Supergirl.

Is Stranger things appropriate for 11-year-olds?

The show is suitable for children aged 13 and above but not appropriate for aged 11 and below, according to Common Sense, while parents and children believe that it is suitable for children aged 12 and up.

Can a 12-year-old watch Anne with an E?

Some content may not be appropriate for children under the age of 8, and children aged eight to thirteen should be supervised by their parents.

Is Riverdale appropriate for 11-year-old?

Common Sense Media parent reviewers believe that the show is best for kids aged 13 and above, and there's a good chance you'll get as addicted to it as your adolescent!

Can a 10 year old watch Stranger things?

The show is suitable for children aged 13 and above, but not for those aged 10 or under, according to Common Sense, although both parents and children believe that it is suitable for children aged 12 and up.

Is Haters Back Off appropriate for 9-year-olds?

Do not allow your children to watch Haters Back Off. We strongly suggest avoiding watching this show with children, preteens, or young teens, especially 9-year-olds. Please ensure that you have viewed numerous episodes before allowing your children to watch. Common Sense Media recommends age 12+.

What age is a Tweenager?

Tweenager ranges from 7-12-years-old.

What is Riverdale age rating?

The Riverdale series has a TV-14 rating.

What age rating is Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries Age Rating is TV-14 for moderate violence and occasional graphic scenes.

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