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Virtual Date Night Ideas for Shelter in Place

While the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are starting to loosen up in many parts of the country, there are still some hotspots experiencing second waves that come with additional shelter-in-place restrictions and social distancing guidelines.

Being single or in a new relationship during a pandemic is not an easy feat—with the restrictions, it can be hard to spend time together in-person.

Check out these creative virtual date night ideas for shelter in place.

Movie Marathon Night

While the old “Netflix and chill” narrative may be a little played out, a good old-fashioned movie marathon with fun themes will never grow old.

Pick out a movie series—whether it’s a new one neither of you has seen or an old one with nostalgic properties—and center your entire night around this theme.

Dress up like your favorite (or who you think will be your favorite) character, and have your date do the same.

Watch every movie in the series back-to-back, and discuss your favorite parts, potential plot holes, and predictions after each one.

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This is easy to do on a video call or with an app that allows your movie streaming experience to be simultaneous.How to Host a James Bond-Themed Party

A Fancy Dinner Date With a Theme

Getting dressed up for a themed dinner is actually a lot easier to do virtually, as you won’t have to handle the public side-eyes for dressing up funny.

Decide on a theme and inform your date. Dress for the occasion, and consider sending your date and yourself the same takeout or delivery meal so that you can have a bit of the dining out-together experience.

A fun theme is the roaring ‘20s. For this virtual date night idea, you can both wear your finest suits and dresses and even style some vintage jewelry with your outfits to really nail the art deco vibes.The Most Anticipated Video Game Movies and TV Shows

Meet up in a Virtual World

If you both enjoy certain video games, consider playing online with each other and either using headsets with the game or on the phone with each other.

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This way, you can work together to complete a task, work against each other for some friendly competition, and bond with some laughs along the way.

This is a great opportunity to share some of your individual interests with others as well. If you like a certain game that your date hasn’t tried or vice versa, it’s a perfect chance to try new things.

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People Also Ask:

What do couples do in their free time?

“If you have a couple of hours, do something easy. Take a stroll, go on an errand together, do something that doesn't stress either of you out,” Dr. Klapow says, adding that you can bond on a weeklong trip, but staying connected is something you can work on every day, all year.

Can you fall in love online without meeting?

However, Dorell noted that it is possible to fall in love remotely, particularly if you've been interacting via video chat. Unfortunately, finding love may be difficult, making it tempting to seek ties that may not be as solid as you believe.

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