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Ways to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

From an early age, books have brought joy and pleasure to the majority of us readers. The sight of a book may bring back memories, whether it's the aroma of a rare first edition book discovered in an old book collection or a crisp, new book from the local supermarket. Here are the ways to celebrate National Book Lover's Day to all bookworms.

When is National Book Lovers Day?

Book Lovers Day is celebrated on August 9 every year. This is an unofficial holiday observed to encourage bibliophiles to celebrate reading and literature. People are advised to put away their smartphones and every possible technological distraction and pick up a book to read.

Ways to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

1. Organize a book exchange

Organizing a book exchange is the perfect way to share your joy of reading with others while also including family and friends! This is a great opportunity for you and your friends and family to read something different from your ordinary books. 

By doing so, you're opening your mind to fresh ideas and views on storytelling. After you've finished, take turns discussing your impressions of the books you have read.

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2. Treat yourself to a new book

Go out and reward yourself with a brand-new book! Although you may borrow books for free, occasionally it is great to buy a book or two for yourself. You may completely enjoy and care for it, and it would help expose oneself to a brand-new book genre and universe of writing.

3. Watch Book Adaptations

One great way to appreciate book reading is by watching Movies Based on Books. Here is a list of Awesome Books that Became Movies to binge-watch while reading the actual book.

4. Listen in

Spend the day with an audiobook! There are so many fantastic ways to listen like a free trial of Audible Plus to get access to great titles.

5. Reread an old favorite

Haven’t gone to Pemberley in a while? Have you been missing from Middle-earth? Drop in on some old friends by revisiting one of your favorite novels. 

Here's Why You Should Watch Movies Based on Classic Novels. And, get this list of 17 Movies Based on Classic Novels.

6. Organize your bookshelves

Spending the day working on your bookshelves is a terrific way to clean up and to form a donation pile of books you no longer want or need. Plus for every book you give away, there’s more room for new ones! We’ve put together a couple of bookshelf arrangement solutions here.

7. Plan a National Book Lovers party

Books are a book lover’s best buddy and friend. They allow you the possibility to escape the actual world and transport you into the book world of the characters. I've got tips for a great Kids Movie Party and 8 Tips For Throwing An Outdoor Movie Party.

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8. Leave a review

Give off time to review books you’ve read recently. Your reviews go a great way to help publishers, writers, and co-readers. Read the book and watched the movie? Use this Book vs. Movie Review to share your thoughts.

9. Donate

Parting is such precious pain, but there’s no greater pleasure than handing on a well-loved book. Look to see if there’s a Little Free Library in your town that you may gift some books to. You may also contribute donations to bookish charities: Book Industry Charity Foundation serves to support bookshops employees who are suffering financial trouble. Make a gift there!

10. Reading to children

You may spend Book Lovers Day reading kids' favorite children’s books. You may also read to children at a local child center as a volunteer. You may read to them as well as perform for them, bringing the characters and their world to life. It will be a pleasant activity for both you and the kids to participate in, and it will encourage youngsters to begin reading at an early age.

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