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3 Ways to Entertain Your Kids During School Closures

Sometimes the world gets turned the world upside down. Restaurants and bars across the country are closed.

Moreover, thousands of children are home from school in an effort to “flatten the curve.” While these shutdowns will help stop the spread of the virus, parents are now left wondering what to do with their little ones at home.

This article will overview three ways to entertain your kids during school closures.

Have a Movie Marathon

One thing you can do with your restless children while they’re home from school is to have a movie marathon. Your youngsters will love cuddling up with you on the couch and watching a bunch of family-friendly films.

Luckily, tons of streaming services have adjusted to the current climate. Disney Plus, for example, has released kid-friendly movies that’ll help parents keep the little ones busy.

Your kiddos will have a blast watching Frozen 2 or Onward. Universal Studios has also done its part by releasing Trolls: World Tour On-Demand.

Don’t just pop on a film and walk away. Your children will enjoy the experience so much more if you stay and watch with them. Don’t forget to make some buttery popcorn, too.

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Teach Them Something New

Another way to entertain your kids during school closures is to teach them something new. Use this time off from school as an opportunity to teach your youngsters valuable skills.

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Show your child how to ride a bike—just make sure you practice social distancing while doing so. If you have older children and you’re more comfortable staying indoors, teach your kids how to cook.

Let them help you cook dinner a few nights a week, or they can assist you in baking some delicious treats. You’ll have fun together in the kitchen, and your little ones will learn valuable skills that’ll last them the rest of their lives.

When this craziness is all over, think about signing them up for a kid's summer cooking camp. Here, they’ll meet fellow cooking enthusiasts, and they’ll sharpen their culinary talent.


Yes, it’s easy to lounge on the couch the whole day during these uncertain times. However, you must fight the urge to become couch potatoes during this pandemic.

Exercise as much as you can while your children are home from school. Play fun recess games, like tag or catch, in your backyard.

If your kids are into sports, organize a game of whiffle ball in your front lawn.

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If the weather is yucky or you want to stay inside, develop a kid-friendly exercise routine to do with your kiddos every morning. See which one of your children can do the most jumping jacks in two minutes.

It’s critical to keep your little ones moving during this period. It’ll help keep their minds sharp for when schools reopen.

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