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What To Do After Your Favorite Anime Series Ends

The moment you’ve been waiting for finally arrives – the finale of your favorite anime. You watch with heightened emotions as it plays out—and then, in no time at all, the credits roll.

Now what?

You may sit and stare at the screen for a time, not knowing what to do after your favorite anime series ends. It’s one thing to finish a two-hour movie and move on with your life; it’s quite another to complete the last of Naruto Shippuden’s 500 episodes.

The fun doesn’t have to end, though—explore these other ways to re-enter your favorite world.

What To Do After Your Favorite Anime Series Ends

Join the Fandom

You could join the fandom dedicated to anime. There are dozens of interest groups and social gatherings all focused on particular shows—you just have to find the one focused on your favorite.

If you don’t already discuss your beloved anime with others, this will be the perfect outlet to discuss theories and reminisce with like-minded viewers.

How to Write Fanfiction
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  • HowExpert Press (Author) - Rick Lillard (Narrator)

Write Fanfiction

Another way to engage with an anime series after the final episode is by writing fanfiction. While you can read others’ creations, using your own imagination and contributing something new is even more thrilling.

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In the process, you can research the show, return to the best episodes, and re-write its history with your own spin.

Re-Watch It With Friends

There are few things as fun as watching a show or movie with people who feel equally invested in the plot as you. Re-watch your favorite anime from the beginning with your friends.

Whether they’ve seen the show or not, you can discuss significant plot points or character actions. Here are 4 Ways to Celebrate Your Friends.

Our Favorite Anime:

Start a Themed Collection

Your favorite characters are never far from your heart, so why keep them far away at all? Start a themed collection of figurines and other show memorabilia.

There are many different types of anime figures to try, so find the cast from your show in all their shapes, styles, and sizes.

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As you figure out what to do after your favorite anime series ends, remember that the show must go on, even if that means doing it yourself. With a bit of ingenuity and community, you can continue enjoying your stories and their characters for many years to come.

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