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10 Memorable Teachers in Movies

Regardless of how long you’ve been out of school, it’s impossible to reflect on your educational experience without remembering the teachers who had the most influence on it. Some teachers leave an imprint on us that lasts a lifetime, whether it’s because they were truly inspiring or horribly totally unfit for the job. The same is …

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Is Lock Picking As Easy as the Movies Make It?

Almost everything you see in the movies is fake. That glass bottle the hero just shattered over the villain’s head is actually made of sugar glass—it’s completely edible and won’t hurt the actor at all.  Those ice cubes floating in the water can be too noisy, so silicone look-alikes get used instead. Never trust the …

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25+ Disney Teen Movies

Disney Teen Movies provide a great escape for teens who needs excitement at any time of the year, especially during school holidays. These movies include comedies, musicals, summer camps, farms, and romances that are a great addition to your Movie Night Planner. Disney Teen Movies Teen Beach Movie McKenzie and Brady are mysteriously transported into …

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