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30 Days of Movies Challenge

Get ready for a whole new level of fun during your movie nights with the awesome 30 Days of Movies Challenge! It's going to add an extra dose of excitement to your film sessions. Buckle up for a rollercoaster of emotions, laughter, and maybe a few surprises along the way.

It's not just a challenge; it's an adventure that'll make your movie nights unforgettable. So, grab your snacks and get ready for a month-long journey into the heart of film magic!

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What is the 30 Day Movies Challenge?

The 30 Days of Movies Challenge is a fun and engaging way to expand your cinematic horizons. Each day, participants watch a movie that fits a specific theme; it could be a classic film, a foreign language film, a childhood favorite, or even a movie with a number in the title. It's a great opportunity to discover new genres and actors while also revisiting beloved classics. This challenge can deepen your appreciation for the art of filmmaking.

Printable Contents:

  • Title
  • 30 Days of Movies Challenge
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This printable 30 Days of Movies Challenge has 30 different items listed. This is a perfect activity for a movie night for a month!

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30 Days of Movies Challenge

Get ready for a month-long movie fiesta with this movie challenge! Discover classics the older generation loves, perfect for cozy movie nights with the young kiddos. 

Here is the list of movie genres:

  • Movie that reminds you of a holiday
  • Favorite movie
  • Movie that makes you feel happy
  • Your favorite Christmas movie
  • Movie that reminds you of someone
  • Movie you know all the lines to
  • Favorite romantic movie
  • Movie from your childhood
  • Movie to watch outside 
  • Movie that reminds you of summer
  • Movie that makes you feel calm
  • Movie with a number in the title
  • Movie to fall asleep to
  • Movie that you think everyone should watch
  • Favorite road trip movie
  • Movie that makes you cry
  • Last movie you watched
  • Movie from the year you were born
  • Movie whose title is just one word
  • Favorite remake
  • Movie with a long title
  • Favorite movie with a karaoke scene
  • Movie that makes you laugh
  • Movie that makes you want to dance
  • Movie by your current favorite actor
  • Movie with your favorite line
  • Movie that you’ve watched many times
  • Movie you always sing along to
  • First movie you saw in a theater
  • Movie where the lead character reminds you of yourself
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How to Use This 30 Days of Movies Challenge

Using the 30 Days of Movies Challenge printable is a cinch! Simply print it out and place it where you'll see it daily – perhaps on the fridge, your workspace or you can make a copy for everyone present at your movie night. Each day, explore the prompt for the suggested movie genre or theme.

Choose a film that fits the bill, whether it's a beloved classic or something entirely new. Additionally, enjoy your movie night, reflecting on the experience afterward. Mark off each day on the printable to track your progress. Adapt the challenge to your schedule, and celebrate your cinematic accomplishment after completing the 30 days.

Here's the scoring scale:

1-5: Just getting started.

6-10: You're getting there.

11-15: You know your stuff!

16-20: Movie obsessed!

If you've seen the whole list, you're a Movie-fanatic!

Remember, the 30 Days of Movies Challenge is about enjoying the world of cinema at your own pace. Have fun, discover new favorites, and make lasting memories!


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