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Why You Should Watch Movies Based on Classic Novels

Don't let classic movies be a thing of the past. Classic movies teach valuable lessons. With the help of the pause button, you can stop the action and point out important literary devices such as foreshadowing, flashbacks, conflict, personification, comic devices, climax, etc.

For additional resources:

You can use movies as part of a homeschool literature curriculum that makes for fun learning. An excellent resource is Movies as Literature. While intended for high school-age students, the lessons can be easily adapted for middle schoolers or even older elementary-age students.

For a twist on this activity, do a summer film study. Learn about the evolution of film from the silent film era all the way up to Hollywood's present-day myriad of special effects and digital creativity. I'm sure your kids will get a big kick out of watching Charlie Chaplin's vivid facial expressions and comic genius; there are many short versions of his silent films available online.

People also ask:

What are classic novels?

Classic novels are the ones that represent a genre or writing style, or one that makes a significant contribution to literature.

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Are classic novels relevant today?

Classic literature is still important now because it can provide readers with particular insights by providing a look into the past and sharing perspectives on themes that have remained as universal and timeless as they have always been.

Why might children be reluctant to read classic novels?

We know that not all children enjoy reading especially classic novels since they may find it difficult or boring.

How can you encourage reading classic novels by pairing them with the movie adaptation?

Talk about books. When you talk to kids about books and stories and how they will be adapted as a movie, they will realize how interesting they are.

Show an interest in what they've read by asking questions and exchanging viewpoints.
Make it Fun! Aside from reading, books can be used for a variety of activities. Perhaps you could have your youngsters draw their favorite character for you or act out what they've read. You might also attempt recreating vintage book covers and photographing them or even watching the movie adaptation of the said movie! In that way, they would know that reading is more fun.
Don't be too concerned about what your kids are reading. It doesn't matter what your child is reading – a short tale, poetry, a graphic novel, non-fiction, joke books, a cartoon, or even the back of a cereal box – as long as they are enjoying it! A love of books can be sparked by anything. (And don't be alarmed if they read the same book again and over.)

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Introduce Movie adaptations. It would attract their interest if they'd know that a movie has been created from the book they have read. In that way, they would demand more books to read and watch them right after reading them.

What are movies based on novels called?

The use of a novel as the foundation for a feature film is a popular type of film adaptation. Nonfiction (including journalism), autobiography, comic books, scriptures, plays, historical texts, and other films have all been converted into films.

Are there any good movies based on books?

Download this list of Movies Based on Classic Novels.

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